Monday, March 26, 2007

Tamari'i Tahiti Fete

Guest writers Isitolo and Evelyn Oloa,
organizers of the The Tamari'i Tahiti.

Ia Orana!

Thanks for all of the help that you have given us! The Tamari'i Tahiti Fete was very successful bringing in more competitors and spectators than the previous year. We had groups come in from North Carolina, Illinois, Pennsylvania and all across the state of Florida. The competition was tough as all of the soloists raised their standards leaving a tie for first place in the 9-12 age division and only a difference of a few points for the title of 'Overall Perpetual Soloist'. Cheyenne Sky Romanillos took home most trophies including 'Best Costume', but it was Laarni Fronda who claimed her title for the second year in a row as 'Overall Perpetual Soloist' winning with the highest amount of points. This means she can keep the O.P.S. trophy. (If you win this title you are allowed to keep it for a small period of time but it must be returned. You may only keep the trophy if you win the title two years in a row.)

Special appearances were made by the winners of all divisions of the PCC World Fire Knife Dance Championships: Rex Tiumalu (winner of the Pee Wee Division), V.J. Tiumalu (winner of the Intermediate Division), and Mikaele Oloa (2 time champion of the Senior Division and youngest competitor to ever win the title). They were also part of the house drummers.

If you need anymore information, please just let us know. We are having our web designer update the entire website. So, it will have a brand new look and updated information and photos. Thank you again for all of your help!

Isitolo and Evelyn Oloa

Monday, March 12, 2007

Updates for Tahitian Dance Events

Looking at the coming months we're starting to see increased activity and updates on Tahitian dance event websites. One of the biggest changes is a change in date for the Heiva International I Tahiti 2007, not to mention an official name for the event. The event will be held in Papeete Tahiti, on the week of July 23-28 at the To'ata arena, home of the Heiva I Tahiti. Because of a change in government leadership, a date change was necessary to accommodate the new agenda set forth by the new administration.

Information about the event, calendar, applications and other information about getting there are available on Tahiti Nui International's website. In the past, the organizers have produced the Heiva I Honolulu. This year however, it's taken all their efforts to organize the event in Tahiti and weren't able to hold the event in Honolulu. Event organizers have announced that the event will return in 2008 to Honolulu and possibly Tahiti as well.

This week also marks the beginning of the 2007 Heiva season. With Heiva being held in not one but two venues. First off is the Merced Kiki Raina Tahiti Fete. The Merced event is the longest running event in the US. The event runs from March 16-18, 2007 and the competition will be held at the Merced County Fairgrounds. Event activities include the Maeva Merced Pageant (Mr. and Miss Maeva Merced), solo and group competition in aparima, otea and ahuroa. The event will close with exhibitions by tamari'i (children). Go to their website for ticket information and assistance.

The 2007 Tamari'i Tahiti Fete is also happening this weekend. Taking place in Orlando, Florida, this is the second year of this event. The event highlights tamari'i (children) from 3-16 years old. More information is available on their website.

Another change in schedule is the Manutahi Tahiti event in Honolulu, Hawaii. Originally scheduled for April 27-28, 2007, this event has been moved to October. More details as they become available.

Lastly, July 6-7, 2007 are the confirmed dates for the Polynesian Cultural Center's Te Mahana Hiro'a o Tahiti competition.