Friday, March 28, 2008

Te Aranui O Tahiti - The Route To Tahiti... and more

The month of April is featuring three great events featuring Tahitian dance. On Saturday, April 19th, the expanded Manutahi Tahiti dance group hosts their 2nd Tahitian Solo Competition at Waimea Falls Park on Oahu, Hawaii. Registration deadlines are fast approaching, so get your entry applications in as soon as possible. See their website to download their registration packet.

On Friday and Saturday, April 25-26, 2008, the Fano Maohi Heiva will be taking place at Granite Park Jr. High, located at 3031 South 200 East in Salt Lake City, Utah. Visit their website for details, ticket information and registration packets.

Most recently we received news of another new event - in it's second year, Te Aranui O Tahiti - The Route to Tahiti, will also be happening on the same weekend at San Francisco State University in Northern California. The two day event (Saturday and Sunday, April 26-27, 2008) encompasses not only solo and group exhibitions, but also intensive workshops in dance and music. The non competitive event will be showcasing some of California's top Tahitian dance groups including Tamali'i of Hayward, Te Orama of Daly City, 'Ote'a 'Api of Fremont, Tiare O Te Ao of SF/Hercules, Nemenzo of SF/Daly City, and Toa Here of Hilo, Hawaii among others.

Organizer and producer, Elizabeth Nemenzo Bertumen (who also produces the annual Tarena Tahiti event in September) and hosts, Ms. Roiti Tahauri Sylva and Mr. Etua Tahauri, have created a non-competitive atmosphere where award-winning Tahitian dance experts including Coco Hotahota of Tahiti will be providing soloists with written evaluations upon completion.

Visit the Te Aranui O Tahiti website ( for more information, schedule, registration packets and the latest news on this event. General admission is $10. Contact by phone - (415) 425-1662 or email

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Photos of the Heiva i Honolulu 2008 event

The website Mike front page currently is showcasing photos that were taken at this year's Heiva i Honolulu. Contact Mike Bambi at (808) 554-1553 or email him at to purchase photos.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Heiva i Honolulu 2008 Group Results

With more than a thousand in attendance, Te Vai Ura Nui of Honolulu, Hawaii, ran away with the coveted overall trophy at this years Heiva i Honolulu. Saturday's performances included Nonosina Hawaii of Laie, Hawaii, and Maohi Nui of Aiea, Hawaii. Both competed in the Senior category.

The overall soloists competition began the afternoon activities. Tehinamai Mataele of Maohi Nui and Justin "Froggie" Atangan of Nemenzo came away with the vahine and tane titles.

Maohi Nui started the group portion of the program and featured a very poised and crowd-pleasing ahupurotu.

They were followed by a touching performance by Nonosina Hawaii performing an ahupurotu of a story telling of the young sister who was lost to the Mariteragi family. The performance was especially personal as Sunday Mariteragi, the mother, performed with the group.

Maohi Nui heated up the competition with fire-wielding tane warriors and energetic vahine dancing their wedding themed otea and paoa. They shared a beautiful aparima and finished off with a climatic ending.

Nonosina Hawaii continued the family theme and brought out all ages of performers. From the 4 yr olds all the way to their most senior members, they all participated and revved up the crowd.

In the end, however, it was Te Vai Ura Nui, who had performed the night before, who came away with the top honors. So without further ado, here's the final results of the group competition. Visit the Tahiti Nui International website for additional details.


Tehinamai Mataele of Ma'ohi Nui

Justin "Froggie" Atangan of Nemenzo


1. Tiare Heipua (Ishikawa, Japan)
Ra’atira – Heikapua Sabarsah & Pualani Horiuchi
2. Kawai’ Ola I Kahikina (Tokyo, Japan)
Ra’atira – Shiho Tomida

1. Te Vai Ura Nui (Honolulu, Oahu)
Ra’atira – Charlie and Cathy Temanaha
2. Ma’ohi Nui (Pearl City, Oahu)
Ra’atira – Mervin Lilo
3. Nonosina Hawaii (Laie, Oahu)
Ra’atira - Jon Raymond and Tiani Mariteragi

Te Vai Ura Nui (Honolulu, HI)
Ra’atira – Charlie & Cathy Temanaha

Nonosina Hawaii (Laie, Hawaii)
Ra’atira – Jon Raymond and Tiani Mariteragi

Tokariga/Kalokemelemele (Chikasaki, Japan)
Ra’atira – Yuko Imai

Tokariga/Kalokemelemele (Chikasaki, Japan)
Ra’atira – Yuko Imai

1. Tiare Heipua (Ishikawa, Japan)
Ra’atira – Heikapua Sabarsah & Pualani Horiuchi
2. Kawai ‘Ola I Kahikina (Tokyo, Japan)
Ra’atira – Shiho Tomida
3. Marania Haoragi (Honolulu, Hawaii)
Ra’atira – Tahia Parker & Tukua Foster

1. Nonosina Hawaii (Laie, Oahu)
Ra’atira – Jon Raymond and Tiani Mariteragi
2. Ma’ohi Nui (Pearl City, Oahu)
Ra’atira – Mervyn Lilo

Kawai’ Ola I Kahikina (Tokyo, Japan)
Ra’atira – Shino Tomida

Ma’ohi Nui (Pearl City, Oahu)
Ra’atira – Mervyn Lilo

Te Vai Ura Nui roars back with a win at Heiva i Honolulu

With a huge crowd made up of supporters, onlookers, tourists, guests and vendors, last night saw the overall group award at the 2008 Heiva i Honolulu go to Te Vai Ura Nui of Honolulu, Hawaii. It was a return for the group to compete in group competition and they definitely showed that they hadn't lost their touch. Competing last on Friday, they were in competition with Nonosina Hawaii of Laie, Hawaii and Maohi Nui of Aiea, Hawaii in the senior division. Both groups showed strong performances on Saturday.

Te Vai Ura Nui was founded in 1987 by Charles and Cathy Temanaha in Honolulu, Hawaii. They have succeeded in winning the overall trophy in many competitions and have always been noted for their authentic and stunning costumes.

Tahiti Festival - Te Mahana Hiro'a o Tahiti

The Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC) was a main sponsor at this year's Heiva i Honolulu at the Waikiki Shell in Honolulu. Banners announced that this year's solo competition at PCC will be on July 5, 2008. This marks the last of this years summer events to firm up a date for for their events. Check out our event directory on our website, Black Pearl Designs, for all the events this year.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Heiva i Honolulu 2008 solo results

Heiva i Honolulu is concluding this evening. Three days of competition will culminate tonight in awarding excellence in Tahitian dancing. With an audience of approximately 500 spectators per night, dancers have performed with a great competitive spirit. The level of intensity, execution and poise has definitely been raised.

Over 100 soloists competed on Thursday from Hawaii, California and Japan mainly. A large contigent of Japanese based groups has come this year to compete and as you can see below, they have done very well, giving the home crowd groups serious competition.

Friday saw Here Tama Nui of Honolulu, Marania Haoragi of Honolulu, Nonosina Japan/Kawai Ola I Ka Hikina of Tokyo, Japan, Tiare Heipua of Komatsu, Japan, Tokaringa/Kalokemelemele of Tokyo, Japan and Te Vai Ura Nui of Honolulu compete. This evening will see local established groups including Nonosina Hawaii and Maohi Nui.

Craft vendors are plentiful and rare finds are to be found. Tahitian ukuleles, black pearls and shell jewelry, Tahitian pareos, Maori poi balls, Polynesian apparel, Samoan carvings, and Tahitian drums are just a sampling of the items you'll find.

Event organizers, Rose Perreira and Raymond Mariteragi make sure that things have run as smooth as possible. In all, 15 groups, 18 vendors and countless volunteers and support staff are participating this year.


1. Kanoe Navares of Manutahi
2. Teorihere Toves-Ramento of Heretama Nui
3. Nicole Graham of Te E'a O Te Turama

1. Skyler Ramos of Heretama Nui
2. Mykle Keni of Nonosina Hawaii
3. Seau Maiava of Ma'ohi Nui

1. Tomomi Iguchi of Kalokemelemele Hula Studio
2. Lia Fa'apisa Thompson of Nemenzo
3. Brooke Leslie of Manutahi

1. Ethan Magalei of Nonosina Hawaii
2. Troy Spacek of Manutahi
3. Jay Spacek of Manutahi

1. Kourtney Kaopuiki of Heretama Nui
2. Shoko Tokuda of Kalokemelemele Hula Studio
3. Naehuokala Meyer of Marania Hoaragi

1. Mason Manuma of Ma'ohi Nui
2. JD Melchor of Manutahi

1. Shayna Lei Soma of Tiare Ura O Tahiti
2. Savanna Alcosiba of Heretama Nui
3. Monique Orton of Nonosina Hawaii

1. Mosiah Manuma of Ma'ohi Nui
2. LJ Mariteragi of Nonosina Hawaii

1. Tehinamai Mataele of Ma'ohi Nui
2. Ashley Jardine of Te Tiare Patitifa
3. Ayumi Asano of Kalokemelemele Hula Studio

AGE 18-21 TANE
1. Justin "Froggie" Atangan of Nemenzo
2. Peter Flores of Te Vai Ura Nui

1. Michelle Baker of Nemenzo
2. Jet'aime Alcos of Tiare Ura O Tahiti
3. Meghan Bridges Steffen of Te Ariki Nui

AGE 22-26 TANE
1. Brandon Keawe McArthur of Ma'ohi Nui
2. Manarii Gauthier of Te Vai Ura Nui
3. Sonny Shwe of Nemenzo

1. Kalei Guillory of Te Vai Ura Nui
2. Kayoko Soma of Tiare Heipua
3. Ayuka Hattori of Tiare Heipua

AGE 27-35 TANE
1. Edward Pula of Ma'ohi Nui
2. Kala Latuselu of Ma'ohi Nui
3. Brandon Oka of Ari'i Hau Moana

1. Leandra Thompson of Nemenzo
2. Kamaile Sniffen of Te Ariki Nui
3. Belinda Miranda of Manutahi

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Manutahi in 2008 Macy's Parade

Things are going to heat up New York come Thanksgiving day. Manutahi Tahiti, whose reach includes groups on Oahu, Maui, Moloka'i, Texas and Florida, has been invited to participate in this year's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. The parade, as a national tradition, has long been considered the unofficial kickoff to the Christmas holiday shopping season and is seen by millions throughout the country.

Fundraising is being done by all branches of their group to cover the costs. Alma Damo, head of Promotions/Marketing announced that "Over 100 of our members, from our group and sister groups combined, will be traveling to the BIG APPLE to nationally televise the beauty and art of Tahitian Dancing."

One of the groups most visible fundraising activities is their recent Tahitian dance calendar. Available at Hawaiiana stores and through the group itself, the calendar features Manutahi Tahiti dancers in action in tropical locales. Call 808 222-4346 or email to get your copy.

Manutahi Tahiti is headed by Pola Teriipaia and headquartered in Wahiawa, Hawaii. She is an accomplished Ori Tahiti dancer, frequent judge at Tahitian dance competitions and comes from a long tradition of Tahitian cultural leaders. Her group consistently places high in Tahitian dance competitions.

Manutahi Tahiti also just announced that their 2nd Tahitian Solo Dance Competition will take place Saturday, April 19, 2008 at Waimea Falls Park. For more details and information, please see their website.

Manutahi Tahitian Solo Dance Competition

The long awaited and anticipated announcement for Manutahi's Tahitian dance competition has been confirmed.

Waimea Falls Park will be the site of Manutahi Tahiti's 2nd Tahitian Solo Dance Competition on Saturday, April 19, 2008. Sponsored by Polanesia and Waimea Falls Park, activities will take place at the Pikake Lounge. Doors will open at 9:30am and exhibition events will start the event at 10:00am.

Entry into the event will only be $5 per person (children 5-11 are $2 and under 5 are free). Admission to the park itself is included so participants and spectators can make a day activity for the whole family.

For more information, visit the Manutahi Tahiti website for applications, vendor information, and questions. Contact Pola Teriipaia at 808-222-4346 or email

Manutahi Tahiti, based in Wahiawa, is the host organization. The group has recently expanded to Maui and Moloka'i as well as the mainland in Humble, Texas and Orlando, Florida.

Waimea Falls Park recently became managed by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) company Hiipaka LLC.