Saturday, December 18, 2010

Heiva-Tahitian Dance 2011 Calendar

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, we're set to release our first calendar offering featuring the Heiva-Tahitian Dance competitions that happen throughout the year.  With so many events happening we felt it necessary to try and keep everyone up to date as much as possible. This is another great tool that will help.

On the front features an image that creates a feeling of the vibrancy and energy that Tahitian dance is. A line by line listing of each event, date and city is a quick reference. An added touch of having the months in the Tahitian language is included.

On the back you'll find a more detailed look at the events including the venue, producer, contact information for the event and website.

We try to keep up with as much as we can for the events and update when they send information, photos, posters, etc. But with all that, we do get many requests to have something printed as well. Having it in hand now, is a first step in making a more comprehensive picture of how the Tahitian dance community runs events.

One drawback in making a printed version is the likelihood that there will be changes. Please note that there are bound to be changes as the year progresses. In fact, after we went to press, we received notice of 2 newly scheduled events that we were not expecting to happen. You'll see that we added them via a sticker.

Information that we provide is a service only. We do not endorse any event over another. We have attended to several events and even sponsored some. We'd like to see events continue to improve. If you'd like, we've even opened up a forum on our Facebook page that addresses just that. Check it out and leave your suggestions. We'd love to hear from you.

In the meantime, we'll be releasing the calendar soon. Staring January 1, when you purchase $50 or more from our site you'll get you your free copy until supplies last. You can also purchase for $3 (includes first class USPS shipping) starting in January.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fall Workshop series by Les Grands Ballets de Tahiti

A new series of workshops with Les Grands Ballets de Tahiti is going to be hosted by Hui Tama Nui held in San Francisco (it is their first time having a workshop in San Francisco).  The workshops will be held on Friday and Saturday, October 29-30, 2010 for Basic Ori, Tamari'i, Ahuroa and Aparima, The History of Ori, Tahito to Ori Rau, Advanced Ori, and Ori Tane.

Some interesting things about the workshops is that they are offering for the first time a Tahito to Ori Rau (ancient to contemporary style of Tahitian dance class), and a lecture on the history of Ori and Tahiti. It will also be one of the first times Grands Ballets will be offering children's classes.

The series are to be held in the Presidio in San Francisco, with a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge, and not too far from Pier 39 and Fishermen's Wharf.

General Information:
$90 for each class if purchased by 10pm 10/21/10. Pre-Registration includes: reserved spot, lyrics, music, autographed certificate, complimentary photo, and a special gift from Boutiki. $10 discount for each additional class. $100 each class at the door.

As always, space will be limited. Interested participants should email: , or call (707) 552-7829 to register or have questions.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Fundraising Ideas for your Tahitian Dance group

With so many Heiva happening throughout the year, it can be a challenge funding trips, costumes and entry fees. So many times it comes out of the parents pocketbooks. Not to complain, but we think parents feel it would be nice to get some help.

So with that in mind, we thought it might be nice to make a list of some fundraising ideas that might have been overlooked.

Luau's are an excellent way of promoting your group and recruiting as well. But you can also use them in added future sales as well. Like the food that is being served? Well, have an area set up for purchasing the food to take home or be shipped.

Think about what your audience likes to do, eat or is involved with other than Tahitian dance. Are they religiously visiting Jamba Juice every day? Addicted to pizza, chicken or snacks? You've probably thought about these things, but it's always nice to refresh some ideas or add in. It never hurts to ask.

There are so many ways to add to your group function fundraisers. Maybe it's time to step back and try a few new things.

Of course, as we cannot do fundraising ourselves, we don't have the first hand experience. We encourage you to research for yourself what best fits your organization. This is a great time to look at your needs for next year. Contacting the event you wish to attend in advance may assist in travel plans including reduced airfare, hotel/living accommodations, food and activities.

With that in mind, here are a few organizations that offer fundraising opportunities that have ties to Hawaii. We do not endorse nor do we have any association nor vested interest in any of these entities. We provide this as information only.

KFC Hawaii
Hawaii Food Products
Chip and Cookie
Jamba Juice Hawaii
Papa Johns Hawaii
Hungry Hawaiian
May's Hawaii
Beard Papa's

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Heiva i Maui

The 13th annual Heiva i Maui will be taking place this weekend, August 14-15, 2010 at the Wailuku War Memorial Gymnasium. The event is organized by Maui Polynesian Tahiti Fete whose purpose is to create and sponsor programs, festivals, workshops, and special functions for the community for all ages and ethnicities.

Groups, drummers and soloists will compete for titles and will be judged on entrances/exits, execution and precision, costumes, drumming, choreography, creativity, expressions and overall impression. In addition, a Mr and Miss Heiva i Maui pageant will also take place.

Groups will compete in the 'Aparima, 'Ote'a, and Ahupurotu. While soloists will compete using their best Tahitian dance skills, presence, and ability to adapt quickly to the changing drum beats.

Tickets are $10 in advance, are available at ticket outlets including Sew Special (275 West Kaahumanu Avenue; Telephone: 808-877-6128), The Maui Quilt Shop (1280 South Kihei Road; Telephone: 808-874-8050), and Lahaina Music (910 Honoapiilani Hwy, Suite 9; Telephone: 808-661-7625).

Tickets are also available at the door the days of the event for $15. Children 5 and under are free.

For additional information, visit the event website Heiva i Maui, email or call 808 250-0737.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Heiva I Kauai readying for up and coming groups

Get ready for the 9th Annual Heiva I Kauai. Set in Kapa'a, Kauai, the Tahitian dance competition produced by Manea and Jo Tepairu, is returning to Kapa'a Beach Park over the July 31-August 1, 2010 weekend. The competition features both soloists and groups and also a competitive drumming category as well.

Soloists will compete in age groups for the vahine and tane titles. Groups will compete in several categories including Ote'a, Aparima, Ahupurotu, Drumming, and Music.

"We have two "up-and-coming" young local groups that are working very hard to enter group competition this year that we are very excited about. That is what our Heiva is all about...growing the next generation of Tahitian dancers and musicians and providing the venue for them to gain expertise and confidence." organizer Jo Tepairu explained in recent correspondence.

Another exciting aspect unique to this competition is the apprentice program. She goes on to explain "We also have an apprentice judge program that was started last year with two young people whom we hope to have return for more training this year."

Cathy Teriipaia will once again return as the Master of Ceremonies this year. Her father, Papi Teriipaia, a frequent advisor and judge, will once again supervise the coconut husking competition which was started last year.

On Saturday morning, a traditional welcoming ceremony will start the festivities. Gates open to the public at 9 AM and the solo competition begins at 10 AM. Group competition schedules will depend on the number of entries.

On Sunday, gates open at 9 AM and exhibition dancing begins at 10 AM with group competition continuing. Sunday will end with solo, group and drumming award presentations.

Festival participants will enjoy a weekend of great Tahitian entertainment, browse through an array of Polynesian arts and crafts, observe and participate in creating Polynesian crafts, savor delicious local foods and participate in dance and coconut husking contests.

Admission is $5 a day at the door. Children age 6 and under are free.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Group Results for Tahiti Fete of San Jose

The 2010 Tahiti Fete of San Jose took place over the July 4th weekend at the San Jose State University Campus. The sold out event featured Tahitian dance groups from the greater California area and included dance workshops, drumming workshops, and cultural workshops.

Competition occurs in two group categories. Generally Hura Ava Tau groups are any small, new, or amateur group with a minimum of five (5) dancers; has never placed First in any major Heiva competition as a professional group. A Hura Tau group is any established professional or long-time Tahitian dance group with a minimum of five (5) dancers.

Photos of the event courtesy of Chad Makaio. Visit his Facebook page for more photos including the above photo and the current front page feature.

In each group category, are the different competition areas - aparima, ahuroa, ote'a, drumming, music, costume, and ra'atira.

This year, defending title holder, Nonosina placed in many categories including the Ori Rau (modern interpretation) award, but it was Te Pura O Te Rahura'a of South San Francisco and led by ra'atira Marilou Ubaldo that came away with the Overall Hura Tau Group award. The group was the 2008 Hura Ava Tau Overall group and moved up to the Hura Tau level this year. Lake Forest group Le Polynesia, led by Guy Keala and Lori Lei Montgomery was awarded the 2010 Hura Ava Tau group award.

Group Results for the 2010 Tahiti Fete of San Jose

Hura Tau Otea

1 Manuia of Daly City CA
2 Te Pura O Te Rahura’a of South San Francisco CA
3 No Te Here o Te Hiroa of Fresno CA

Hura Tau Aparima
1 Manuia - Daly City, CA
2 No Te Here o Te Hiroa – Fresno, CA
3 Da Island Way of Concord CA

Hura Tau Ahuroa
1 Nonosina of Anaheim CA
2 Te Pura o Te Rahura’a of South San Francisco CA
3 Manuia of Daly City CA

Tupuna Ahuroa
1 Manuia of Daly City CA
2 Ka Ua Tuahine of Oakland CA
3 Ehulani's Otea of Hayward CA

Hura Ava Tau Otea

1 Tamari’i Mata’irea of Stockton CA
2 Le Polynesia of Aliso Viejo CA
3 Makamae Melia o Polynesia of Elk Gove CA

Hura Ava Tau Aparima
1 Tamari’i Mata’irea of Stockton CA
2 Kaleo’Onalani of San Diego CA
3 Le Polynesia of Aliso Viejo CA

Hura Ava Tau Ahuroa
1 Tamari’i Maita’irea of Stockton CA
2 Te Pura o Te Rahura’a of South San Francisco CA
3 Here Hau of Hercules CA

Ori Rau Otea
1 Nonosina of Anaheim CA
2 Kaleo’Onalani of San Diego CA

Tamarii Otea
1 Manuia – Daly City CA
2 Te Pura o Te Rahura’a of South San Francisco CA
3 No Te Here o Te Hiroa of Fresno CA

Tamarii Aparima
1 Te Pura o Te Rahura’a of South San Francisco CA
2 Nonosina of Anaheim CA
3 Tamari’i Mata’irea of Stockton CA

Hura Tau Drumming
1 Ia Ora o Tahiti Nui of Honolulu HI
2 Nemenzo of Daly City CA
3 Te Pura o Te Rahura’a of South San Francisco CA

Hura Tau Music
1 Nonosina of Anaheim CA
2 No Te Here o Te Hiroa of Fresno CA
3 Da Island Way of Concord CA

Hura Ava Tau Drumming
1 LeiIsa of San Diego CA
2 Tamali’i O Lumana’i of Hayward CA
3 Le Polynesia of Aliso Viejo CA

Hura Tau Music
1 Tamari’i Maita’irea of Stockton CA
2 Le Polynesia of Aliso Viejo CA
3 Makamae Melia o Polynesia of Elk Gove CA

Hura Tau – Te Pura o Te Rahura’a
Hura Ava Tau – Le Polynesia
Ori Rau - Nonosina

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

128th Heiva I Tahiti - Te Anuanua

The theme of this years' Heiva I Tahiti is - Te Anuanua - The rainbow, the bridge between men and the gods, between heaven and earth. The 128th annual event encompasses both cultural and sporting events throughout French Polynesia. It serves to bring together the islands and its people through song, dance and sport.

Last week marked a cultural and symbolic beginning of the month long festival. Award-winning group O Tahiti E, led by raatira Marguerite Lai, presented a pageant entitled "Vaka Arioi" which reenacted the role that the arioi played in ancient Tahiti. In ancient times the arioi entertained the arii (royalty).

Tomorrow evening, the reigning Heiva Nui awarding-winning group Hei Tahiti, under the direction of Tiare Trompette, will be featured in a program honoring the late Henri Hiro, a noted poet, teacher, filmmaker, pastor, and activist and the founder of l'Office Territorial d'Action Culturelle.

In contrast to last years' dance competition, just one group, Hitireva (Kehaulani Chanquy) will be performing in the Heiva Nui division. The group was last years' Heiva division winner and as such was moved up into the Heiva Nui division. The main division to watch this year will be the Heiva division. Participating groups include: HURA TAHITI NUI, NOHOARII (Xavier Nonoh), TOAKURA (Mateata Legayic), MANAHAU (Jean-Marie BIRET), AVAI'URA NO HUAHINE (Leila Darles-Lai), TOROMIKI AUOROTINI NO RIKITEA (Dany Paheo), and FARE IHI NO HUAHINE (Paul Tehare).

Here is the tentative program for the dance and song competition taking place at Place Toata. Activities will be running from July 5-23 with awards being announced on July 22.

More information at the Heiva Nui event website may be available. The July 2010 edition of Hiroa also has more information and may be downloaded at the publication website as a pdf file. The document is in French.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Friday, July 9, 2010
19.00 - Dance: Category HEIVA: HURA TAHITI NUI

20:00 - Songs: tarava Tahiti tamarii Matai

20:30 - Songs: tarava Raromatai: NO FANATICS tamarii AABF

21.00 - Dance: Category HEIVA NUI: HITIREVA

Saturday, July 10, 2010
19.00 - Dance: Category HEIVA: NOHOARII

20.00 - Songs: tarava Tahiti Nui VAIARII

20.30 - Songs: tarava Raromatai: VAIHOATAUA

21h00-Dances: Category HEIVA: TOAKURA

Friday, July 16, 2010
19.00 - Dance: Category HEIVA FARE IHI NO HUAHINE

20:00 - Songs: tarava Tahiti tamarii TEAHUPOO

20.30 - Dance: 21:30 - songs: tarava Raromatai: Ateh

22.00 - Dance: Category HEIVA: MANAHAU

Saturday, July 17, 2010
19:00 - Songs: tarava Tahiti tamarii PAPARA

19:30 - Dance HEIVA Category: TAVAI'URA NO HUAHINE

20:30 - Songs: tarava Tahiti: Ass. Tamarii NO Papeari

21:00 - Songs: tarava Raromatai FARE IHI NO HUAHINE

21.30 - Dance: Category HEIVA: TOROMIKI AUOROTINI NO Rikitea

Thursday, July 22, 2010
Friday, July 23, 2010

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Miss Tahiti 2010 crowned - Lucie Poehere Hutihuti Wilson

Lucie Poehere Hutihuti Wilson, pictured here with Miss France 1991 Mareva Georges (left) and Miss France 1999 Mareva Galanter (right), became Miss Tahiti 2010 this past Friday. It was the 50th anniversary of the pageant and has gone through many changes since its inception. The latest being last year when the pageant was purchased by investor Narii Faugerat.

Born and raised in Laie on the North Shore of Hawaii, this young woman has had a long history of pageantry, winning countless competitions as a young girl and later claiming titles in Hawaii and Las Vegas. She has been performing at the nearby Polynesian Cultural Center for most of her life and recently was the nightly featured soloist at the evening show Ha, the Breathe of Life. In addition, she belongs to the Center's promotional team, representing the Center traveling throughout the country and trips to Asia and the South Pacific.

Lucie has excelled in academics and is majoring in International Business at Brigham Young University Hawaii. However, most have noticed how much she excels and stands out when she is performing. Her most recent Tahitian dance, or Ori Tahiti title was this past March at Heiva I Honolulu where she claimed the overall vahine title.

Lucie's parents Christian Wilson and Patricia Hutihuti have been ecstatic and extremely proud of her accomplishments. They have always encouraged her to build upon her abilities and strive to focus on enriching her own life, her family and those close to her.

Her younger sister, Kiana, an aspiring journalist at Kahuku High School, has been spearheading documenting activities and set up a special Facebook page dedicated to keeping friends, relatives, and the media abreast of happenings. She also is a member of the PCC's promotional team.

Pageant activities have been going on for several months, including preliminary pageants, interviews, photo shoots and rehearsals in Papeete, Tahiti and the surrounding areas. Twelve finalists competed at the culminating event that took place June 25, Friday evening at Place Toata, the same location where Heiva I Tahiti takes place each year.

Lucie succeeds Puahinano Bonno, Miss Tahiti 2009 and will next represent Tahiti and French Polynesia at the Miss France 2011 competition in December. Tehani Hautea Maono of Moorea, was awarded first runner up, and Mehetia Hsiao, also of Moorea, second runner. The Miss Heiva 2010 title went to Poerani Taiarui, of Hiva Oa in the Marquesas.

As a sponsor and extended family, Black Pearl Designs would like to congratulate Lucie (Poehere). As a featured model for us through the years, we've watched her grow into a beautiful, confident young women and wish her only the best.

Photos courtesy of Tahiti Presse.

RFO Tahiti TV interview

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hura Tahiti results

The 2010 Hura Tahiti just completed activities at the Hope International University campus this past weekend and the dance group Ote'a Api was crowned Overall Group. This is the 6th annual event produced by Alex Tekurio, ra'atira of the award-winning group Hitia O Te Ra.

California groups from Alisa Viejo (Le Polynesia), Castiac (Kalakele), Concord (Da Island Way), Costa Mesa (Tupua), Fremont (Ote'a Api), Huntington Beach (Lokelani's Rhythm of the Islands, Te Varua Ori), San Diego (Heali'is Polynesian Revue, Lei Isa), and Walnut Creek (Te Mana O Te Ra), competed this year.

Soloists competed in age categories and split into vahine and tane. In addition to the competition, workshops were also conducted for dance taught by Faimano Tupea of Heikura Nui and drumming taught by Heimanu Tehahe also of Heikura Nui.

Full results of the competition may be found at the Hura Tahiti event website or by visiting our Tahitian Dance database which includes results from many of the past Tahitian dance events that have occurred throughout the country.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Heiva USA

A brand new event is scheduled to hit San Diego this August. Heiva USA, produced by Friends of Tahiti - Te Mau Hoa No Tahiti, will take place August 13-14, 2010 on Shelter Island in San Diego, California. The event will feature a pageant, a gala dinner to be held at the Bali Hai Restaurant on Friday and a Tahitian dance solo competition on Saturday.

The 2010 Miss Heiva USA pageant contestants will compete for the title and 2 round trip tickets to Tahiti on Air Tahiti Nui among other prizes. To be eligible, contestants need to be 18-25 years old. Contact Lindsay Reva McNichol for more information at

The Tahiti Gala Dinner will be held at the Bali Hai Restaurant. It will be a traditional Polynesian/Tahitian buffet under the stars. Cost is $50 per person and includes a floor show by Le Polynesia and Heali'i's Polynesian Review.

Soloists will compete in age divisions from 4 years and up at the Pacific Beach Middle School in San Diego. An exhibition round will also take place for 2-3 year olds. Application fees run from $20-30 depending on age division and are available online to download.

Friends of Tahiti is a cultural and charitable non-profit association dedicated to promote friendship, understanding and cultural awareness between the people of French Polynesia and the United States through education and the cultural arts.

Visit the Heiva USA event website for more information.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Tarena Tahiti & Te Aranui O Tahiti

Skyline College of San Bruno, California is the new home for Tarena Tahiti and Te Aranui O Tahiti. Tarena Tahiti (Tahitian calendar) is a solo, drumming and costume competition produced by Elizabeth Bertumen and the award-winning group Nemenzo. Following Tarena Tahiti is Te Aranui O Tahiti, a group exhibition event featuring performances uninhibited by the pressures of the modern day competitions.

Both events will be taking place on Memorial Day weekend, May 29-30, 2010 at the Skyline College Main Theater. Tickets are available for $15 (Tarena Tahiti), and $10 per hourly show (Te Arenui O Tahiti).

The judges for Tarena Tahiti this year are:

Aaron Sencil - Director of the group Hui Tama Nui from Vallejo California in the San Francisco Bay Area. Hui Tama Nui has won numerous awards including Overall Group at Heiva I Reno and San Jose Tahiti Fete. Aaron has received merits for his beautiful costumes and unique and creative presentations. Currently he is also owner and artist selling Polynesian influenced clothing line and accessories, doing business as "Boutiki" and "Dodo Art".

Tiana Liufau - Director of Nonosina Polynesia of Anaheim, California. Nonosina is a world renowned award winning group known for their outstanding presentation in Tahitian Dance and Music Competitions. Predominantly winning 1st and Overall in their competition entries, Nonosina continues to set the trend with their unique and creative style. Their global influence expands from the US to Mexico, Japan and more. They continue to compete and conduct workshops in the US and abroad.

Remy Tekurio - Choreographer and Costumer for Tekurio Nui of Southern California hails from Utah and comes from a family with a long history of Polynesian Dance and Entertainment. He co-hosted Heiva I Orlando along side Roiti Sylva for 3 years. He has danced for PCC for 5 yrs and has judged for Tahitian Competitions in California, Utah and Florida. His next endeavor will be opening his own dance group in Utah.

Te Aranui O Tahiti will feature six groups, Manuia Polynesia (San Francisco), Merahi O Tehani (Union City), Tamali'i (Hayward), Te Orama (Daly City), Tamari'i Mata'irea (Stockton), and Nemenzo (Daly City).

For more information, email, or call (415) 425-1662.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Heiva Tahiti En Mexico

Going south of the border? The 3rd annual Heiva Tahiti En Mexico, billed as "100% traditional" will be happening later this year November 13-15, 2010 in Guadelajara.

Saturday activities begin with the group competition followed by workshops. Sunday features solo and couples competing in all age groups. And Monday will feature more workshops and awards.

Registration is open until October 31, 2010. For more information, visit the event website.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Kauai Polynesian Festival on track for Memorial Day weekend

It's going to be very busy for Tahitian dance events come this Memorial Day weekend. Four events are taking place. Tahiti Taurua Nui I Las Vegas (Las Vegas, NV), Tarena Tahiti and Te Arenui O Tahiti (San Bruno, CA), Heiva 'Ai 'Ai (Honolulu, HI), and the Kauai Polynesian Festival (Kapa'a, HI) are all taking place on that same weekend.

If you are heading to Kauai, the 4-day event will kick off with a Polynesian Grand Luau on May 27 at the Grand Hyatt Kauai, followed by the Festival on May 28-30 at the Vidinha Stadium soccer field featuring Tahitian, Maori, Samoan and Hawaiian entertainment, Polynesian arts and crafts, solo and group dance competitions, food booths, workshops, and much more.

Tickets may be purchased online at the event website or at the gate.

Established in 1994, the Kamanawa Foundation is a Kauai-based non-profit organization. Its mission is to preserve, promote and perpetuate the Native Hawaiian culture, including the language, social values, arts, crafts and music, primarily through the study of hula. The Kamanawa Foundation hosts three annual events that highlight hula and Polynesian performing arts including the Kauai Polynesian Festival, Holiday Hula Celebration, and Kauai Hula Exhibition. The Kamanawa Foundation is led by Kapu Kinimaka-Alquiza, Kumu hula of Halau Na Hula o Kaohikukapulani.

More updates about this event and others coming shortly.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Hura Tahiti announces special hotel sponsor offer

Only a 10 minute walk away from the Hura Tahiti 2010 Tahitian dance competition, the Fullerton Marriott at California State University just announced their special "Hura Tahiti" rate of only $94 per room-single, double, triple or quad. To book reservations, call 714 738-7800 and mention the Hura Tahiti special rate. Book now to avoid losing out on this opportunity.

With at least 18 dance groups represented at the event and 5 large group presentations, Hura Tahiti 2010 is shaping up to be full schedule event. All activities are taking place June 18-19, 2010 at Hope International University, 2500 E. Nutwood Avenue, Fullerton, CA 92831.

Hura Tahiti is a Tahitian dance competition featuring both solo and group performances. The event is produced by the award-winning Hitia O Te Ra group led by ra'atira Alex Tekurio. Last year, the dance group Manuia Polynesia took the overall group title. Soloists Evlyn Bustamante of Da Island Way and Glenn Salonga of Manuia Polynesia took the overall vahine and tane titles, respectively.

For more information on the event, visit the official Hura Tahiti website.

Event photos courtesy of David Do /

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Ori Tahiti Workshop in Tahiti

If you find yourself in Tahiti later this month, here's something you may be interested in. The Ori Tahiti workshop will be held from April 12 to April 16, 2010 by the Conservatoire Artistique de la Polynésie-Française, the Ori Tahiti workshop is reserved for visitors, students of Ori Tahiti, and non residents of French Polynesia. It's purpose is to share the art of Tahitian dance to the next generation as well as all students willing to learn and improve their knowledge of the Polynesian spirit.

This Tahitian dancing course will let all participants improve their traditional dancing skills progressively throughout the steps, starting with the beginner level. At the end of this session, each member will receive a certificate of participation indicating your progress.

Students will also learn about Tahitian melodies and lyrics as well as various rhythms created by local instruments, (drums and ukulele). Everyone will have the opportunity to improve their dancing level throughout all the stages of the courses.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Heiva I Waimea solo competition and pageant

The deadline is approaching fast for competing at Heiva I Waimea. Applications need to be in by April 15th. Late registration is possible but additional fees apply. Entry forms for both soloists and the Miss Heiva I Waimea title may be downloaded here.

Heiva I Waimea

This will be the fourth year of the event that has taken place at Waimea Valley on Oahu. The dance group Manutahi Tahiti, led by ra'atira Pola Teriipaia, has produced the event that features tamari'i (children), both tamahine and tamaroa, and dancers up to 21 years of age. Soloists compete by performing to Tahitian drumming.

Miss Heiva I Waimea contestants must be between the ages of 12-21, unmarried and without children. Contestants will be judged on talent, costume, and formal wear. Entry fee is $35 per individual.

For more information or questions, please contact Tess DeCorte (Promotions/Marketing) of Manutahi Tahiti.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

HereTama Nui takes Heiva I Honolulu title

In front of a nearly full seating capacity, defending local Tahitian dance group Ia Ora O Tahiti Nui of Waipi'o nearly walked away with a second title but in the end it was the inspiring performance of HereTama Nui of Pearl City who claimed top honors at this years Heiva I Honolulu. Led by brothers Allen and Christopher Ramento as well as guidance from their mother Denise Ramento, the group brought the crowd to their feet with their program themed to the legends of the bamboo. The dance group not only took the overall title, the group also was awarded several soloist awards, 1st place in the very competitive Drumming category, 1st place in Ahupurotu, the Best Costume award and Best Ra'atira.

"It's like watching the Heiva in Tahiti," commented Roiti Sylva, one of five on the judging panel at Heiva I Honolulu. She added that the event was unique because in addition to all the traditions of Tahiti it also added the storied background and experience of many dancers and musicians involved in the Hawaiian hula community. The event is also unique because of the support received by sponsors both here in Hawaii and Tahiti. Tahiti Pearl Market, based in Tahiti donated many black pearls and cash for the awards. Aloha Hula Supply, based in Honolulu, donated cash and gift certificates. Tihati Productions, also of Honolulu and a major provider of Polynesian dance performances for the tourism industry in Hawaii also was a major sponsor. Other sponsors included Tahitian Instruments by Chief Miko (drums), Black Pearl Designs (promotions and marketing), Polynesian Cultural Center (prizes including tickets to the new show "Ha"), Cabana Vacation Suites (official hotel), City and County of Honolulu (facilities), Hula Supply Center, and Tahiti Imports.

The event was held at the Waikiki Shell over the weekend. Fourteen dance groups from Hawaii, Japan and the mainland competed in aparima, ahupurotu, drumming and the overall category consisting of paoa, hivinau, and the fast paced ote'a. In addition, 31 dance groups were represented by nearly 180 soloists.

Soloist Lucie Wilson (Laie, HI) from the group Ranihere took to the stage to claim the overall Vahine award and DJ Kekuaokalani of Nonosina Hawaii, also from Laie, took the overall Tane title. Awards for each age group were given to both vahine and tane. Dancers ranged from the very youngest (4 years old) to the more experienced 36 and "beautiful" and "handsome" as Masters of Ceremony, Cathy Teriipaia, Teriimana Mo'o and members of the local music group Vaihi graciously introduced each age group.

In the Hura Ava Tau (Jr) group division, Tiare Heipua, a group from Japan who also claimed last Septembers' Heiva I Japan title, was awarded the overall junior group title. This is the third consecutive year they have won the title here in Honolulu. Their award-winning performance was based on the colors of the rainbow. The group is led by group leader (ra'atira pupu) Heikapua Sabarsah.

"This success is due to the support received from the near one hundred volunteers, the unaccounted hours from the Board and administrative team, the dance groups and ra'atira pupu, vendors, and from sponsors," stated Raymond Mariteragi, President of Tahiti Nui International. "I've received numerous calls from group leaders, dancers, and parents expressing their joy for the way the Heiva was run," added Rose Perreira, Senior Vice President and Event Coordinator.

Without further delay, here are the results of Heiva I Honolulu 2010


1. Tiffany Alcos of HereTama Nui
2. Jazzlyn Samuseav of Marania Haoragi
3. Kiana Aniya of HereTama Nui

1. Kaleb Poniatowski of HereTama Nui
2. Jason Mariteragi of Nonosina Hawaii

1. Momoka Narita of Tiare Heipua
2. Ku'umanu Kupau of Maohi Nui
3. Lily Sabarsah of Tiare Heipua

1. Skyler Ramento of HereTama Nui
2. Jordan Mariteragi of Nonosina Hawaii
3. Mykle Keni of Nonosina Hawaii

1. Denise Robinson of Manutahi Tahiti
2. Miyu Mitsuhashi of Tiare Heipua
3. Jazmine Melchor of Maohi Nui

1. JD Melchor of Maohi Nui
2. Ronson Farin-Yadao of Manutahi Tahiti
3. Kaiko Gouveia of HereTama Nui

1. Charzell McAngus of Maohi Nui
2. Kiana Gordon of Te Mana O Te Ra
3. Angela Cezar of Tiare Ura O Tahiti

1. Keenan Chung of Maohi Nui
2. Keanu Neill-Mesiona of Manutahi Tahiti

1. Lucie Wilson of Ranihere
2. Poerava Goo of Tahiti Toa
3. Alexa Ashley Cezr of Tiare Ura O Tahiti

AGE 18-21 TANE
1. Peter Flores of Ia Ora O Tahiti Nui

1. Heather Jose of Te Vai Ura Nui
2. Ai Yoneda of Tiare Heipua
3. Kapua De Ramos of Maohi Nui

AGE 22-26 TANE
1. Keawe McArthur of Maohi Nui
2. Glenn Salonga of Manuia
3. Joseph Pauole of HereTama Nui

1. Ayuka Hattori of Tiare Heipua
2. Chiharu Yamazaki of Tiare Heipua
3. Melanie Esquerra, Independent

AGE 27-35 TANE
1. DJ Kekuaokalani of Nonosina Hawaii
2. Jonathan Ulibas of Maohi Nui
3. Ken Watada of Ia Ora O Tahiti Nui

1. Miyako Konishide of Tiare Heipua
2. Kaori Torita of Marama Hau Nui
3. Kaori Yamamoto of Te Hei Ura Polynesian Studio

1. Alvin Mariteragi of Nonosina Hawaii
2. Lawakua Gabriel of Manutahi Tahiti

Lucie Wilson of Ranihere

DJ Kekuaokalani of Nonosina Hawaii

1. Tiare Heipua
 Heikapua Sabarsah, Pualani Horiushi, and Heitiare Komatsu - Ishikawa, Japan
2. Marama Hau Nui
 Masako Ishibashi - Kamakura, Japan
3. Mehetia Productions
 Charelle Kahanuala Silva - Kaneohe, HI

1. Tiare Heipua
 Heikapua Sabarsah, Pualani Horiushi, and Heitiare Komatsu - Ishikawa, Japan
2. Hot Lavalava Productions
 Naninohea and Kahealani Kapana - Honolulu, HI
3. Mehetia Productions
 Charelle Kahanuala Silva - Kaneohe, HI

1. Tiare Ura O Tahiti
 Jerrold Martinez - Aiea, HI
2. Tiare Heipua
 Heikapua Sabarsah, Pualani Horiushi, and Heitiare Komatsu - Ishikawa, Japan

1. Te Vai Ura Nui
 Charles and Cathy Temanaha. - Honolulu, HI
2. Te Hei Ura Polynesian Studio
 Kapuahau'oli Arai and Kazue "PuaUra" Nishida. - Hyogo, Japan

1. HereTama Nui
 Allen Ramento, Christopher Ramento and Denise Ramento - Pearl City, HI
2. Te Vai Ura Nui
 Charles and Cathy Temanaha. - Honolulu, HI
3. Nonosina Hawaii
 JonRaymond and Tiani Mariteragi - Laie, HI

1. HereTama Nui
 Allen Ramento, Christopher Ramento and Denise Ramento - Pearl City, HI
2. Ia Ora O Tahiti Nui
 Kevin & Auli'i - Honolulu, HI
3. Maohi Nui
 Mervyn Lilo - Aiea, HI

1. Tiare Heipua
 Heikapua Sabarsah, Pualani Horiushi, and Heitiare Komatsu - Ishikawa, Japan
2. Tamatoa
 Tino Moe - Kaneohe, HI
3. Tiare Ura O Tahiti
 Jerrold Martinez - Aiea, HI

1. HereTama Nui
 Allen Ramento, Christopher Ramento and Denise Ramento - Pearl City, HI
2. Ia Ora O Tahiti Nui
 Kevin & Auli'i - Honolulu, HI
3. Nonosina Hawaii
 JonRaymond and Tiani Mariteragi - Laie, HI

HereTama Nui
 Allen Ramento, Christopher Ramento and Denise Ramento - Pearl City, HI

HereTama Nui
 Allen Ramento, Christopher Ramento and Denise Ramento - Pearl City, HI

Tiare Heipua
 Heikapua Sabarsah - Ishikawa, Japan

HereTama Nui
 Allen Ramento, Christopher Ramento and Denise Ramento - Pearl City, HI

More information, videos and photos may be found at the official website of Tahiti Nui International,

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Soloists beat

With Heiva i Honolulu starting today, soloists will be vying for this years' overall award. All age groups are eligible. But if you aren't able to compete, there are several other events coming up throughout the year.

In fact, if you want to really get in tune and sync with the beat, check out Tahiti Taurua Nui i Las Vegas' website. They have the soloist beat online so you can download, listen and practice your routine over and over. Add it to your iPod. There may be some slight variations at the actual event, but you should be able to practice and anticipate timing. There are many who are very creative and this would allow even more planning on their part.

So if you are planning on participating in the event, this is a must. Tahiti Taurua Nui i Las Vegas takes place May 29-30, 2010 at the Cox Pavilion in Las Vegas, Nevada. Tickets are $20 per person per day (children’s tickets ages 2-12 $15 each) available at the UNLV Ticket Call Center (702) 739-FANS (3267) or (866) 388-FANS (3267).

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kiki Raina Tahiti Fete

The 31st Annual Kiki Raina Tahiti Fete will be held at Merced County Fairgrounds on Friday March 26th, Saturday March 27th, and Sunday, March 28th 2010.

Those who enjoy a rich experience in traditional culture and dance will be enthralled by Friday’s presentation of the Solo Dance Competition eliminations and Saturday’s finalist performances, ranging in ages of 4 thru adult, beginners thru professional, both men’s and women’s categories.

Friday’s event also includes the Maeva Merced Polynesian Pageant, where lovely ladies and handsome gentlemen compete for the prestigious title of Miss and Mr. Maeva Merced. During the pageant, the Ahuroa (more formal Aparima dance style) Competition will be judged, as well as the Masters solo category finals.

The Solo Dancer Finals will be held on Saturday as well as the Tamari’i (children) Groups and Group Drumming Competition, featuring the most accomplished Tahitian Drumming groups in our area.

On Sunday morning, First Place winners of the Professional Soloists will compete for the Overall Vahine and Tane “Best Dancer Awards”. Also, Couples in Costume will take the floor with their colorful regalia and exciting duets! The afternoon will wind up with the Amateur and Professional Groups demonstrating their proficiency in the marvelous ‘Ote’a drum dances and the lively Aparima of Tahiti Nui! The very best Island Style cusine will be available throughout the event as well as authentic flower and Polynesian Craft Booths for your shopping pleasure.

Ia Ora O Tahiti Nui on Hawaii News Now

If you are on Oahu or can catch Honolulu's KFVE Monday morning, you might recognize the Tahitian dance group Ia Ora O Tahiti Nui. Some of their dancers, musicians and ra'atira will be performing live at 8:20 am. The group is the 2009 defending Hura Tau (Sr) Overall group and will be competing with some of the best groups around at this years upcoming Heiva i Honolulu later this week, March 18-20 at the Waikiki Shell.

It's an exciting time for Tahitian dance as this is the first major event of the new year. It's also one of the largest events as well. Fourteen groups from Hawaii, Japan and the mainland, will be performing over the three day festival and competition. Along with group competition, soloists will also be vying for the coveted overall title.

Tickets for the event are $15, $10 for children (4-10). Available at the Waikiki Shell box office, Blaisdell Ticket outlets in Macy's and the box office at the Blaisdell Center. Online, you can find tickets at

Check out the Hawaii News Now video here »

Monday, March 08, 2010

Ready for Heiva i Honolulu?

Living in Kaneohe, we're increasingly noticing more drumming coming from the Ko'olau parks. It's time for Heiva i Honolulu and the start of this years Tahitian dance competition calendar. This is the 8th annual event hosted at the Waikiki Shell. Activities take place March 18-20 and run from noon on Thursday. Friday and Saturday will have a full days schedule starting at 9am on both days. General admission is $15, children 4-10 are $10.

There are 14 groups competing hailing from Hawaii, Japan and the Mainland.

Allen Ramento and Christopher Ramento - Honolulu, HI

Naninohea & Kahealani Kapana - Honolulu, HI

Kevin and Aulii Kama - Waipi'o, HI

Mervyn Lilo - Aiea, HI

Masako Ishibashi - Kamakura, Japan

Charelle Silva - Kaneohe, HI

JonRaymond & Tiani Mariteragi - Laie, HI

Dennis Kia, Robyn Williams, Kapeka Hoffmann, Hauoli Kia-Napaepae - Mililani, HI

Tino Moe - Kaneohe, HI

Kapuahau'oli Arai and Kazue 'PuaUra' Nishida - Hyogo, Japan

Lisa & Ray Aguilar - Walnut Creek, CA

Charles Temanaha - Honolulu, HI

Heikapua Sabarsah, Pualani Horiushi, Heitiare Komatsu - Ishikawa, Japan

Jerrold Martinez - Aiea, HI

The schedule is full of multiple performances by many of the groups. This year will also see both the Hura Tau (Sr) and Hura Ava Tau (Jr) Overall groups defending their titles. Ia Ora O Tahiti Nui will attempt to take home the award for the second time and Tiare Heipua will try for three in a row.

Here is the group performance schedule:


12:00 pm Gate and Booths open to the Public

1:30 pm Greetings & Welcome
Orero by Heremoana Maamaatuaiiahutapu
VIPs, Emcees, Judges, & House drummers

(More skirts for the Vahine and Maro for the Tane)

Tamari’i Division:
2 - 3 yrs: Tamahine & Tamaroa (Exhibition)
4 - 6 yrs: Tamahine & Tamaroa
7 - 10 yrs: Tamahine & Tamaroa

Taure’are’a Division:
11 - 13 yrs: Tamahine & Tamaroa
14 - 17 yrs: Tamahine & Tamaroa


Vahine/Tane Division:
18 – 21 yrs: Vahine & Tane
22 – 26 yrs: Vahine & Tane
27 – 35 yrs: Vahine & Tane

Ta’ata Pa’ari Division:
36yrs & above: Vahine & Tane

FRIDAY - MARCH 19, 2010

8:30 am Gate and Booths open to the Public

9:00 am Greetings & Welcome
Pure (Blessing) by invitation
Acknowledgement of the VIPs, Emcees, & Judges

(Tahitian printed pareu for the Vahine & Tihere for the Tane)

Tamari’i Division
4 - 6 yrs, 7 - 10 yrs. Tamahine & Tamaroa
Taure’are’a Division
11 - 13 yrs, 14 - 17 yrs. Tamahine & Tamaroa
Vahine/Tane Division
18 - 21 yrs, 22 -26 yrs, 27 -35 yrs. Vahine & Tane
Ta’ata Pa’ari Division
36 yrs & above Vahine & Tane

11:30 am TIARE URA O TAHITI – Hura Ava Tau (Jr) – OVERALL
Jerrold Martinez (Ra’atira pupu) – Aiea, HI

Charelle Silva (Ra’atira pupu) – Kaneohe, HI

1:00 pm TIARE URA O TAHITI – Hura Ava Tau (Jr) – DRUMMING
Jerrold Martinez (Ra’atira pupu) – Aiea, HI

BREAK: 1:30 – 2:00 pm

2:00 pm TIARE HEIPUA – Hura Ava Tau (Jr) – DRUMMING
Heikapua Sabarsah, Pualani Horiushi, Heitiare Komatsu (Ra’atira pupu) – Ishikawa, Japan

2:30 pm HOT LAVALAVA – Hura Ava Tau (Jr) – AHUPUROTU
Naninohea & Kahealani Kapana (Ra’atira pupu) – Honolulu, HI

3:00 pm TIARE HEIPUA – Hura Ava Tau (Jr) – APARIMA
Heikapua Sabarsah, Pualani Horiushi, Heitiare Komatsu (Ra’atira pupu) – Ishikawa, Japan

3:30 pm HOT LAVALAVA – Hura Ava Tau (Jr) – OVERALL
Naninohea & Kahealani Kapana (Ra’atira pupu) – Honolulu, HI

Charelle Silva (Ra’atira pupu) – Kaneohe, HI

5:00 pm TIARE HEIPUA – Hura Ava Tau (Jr) – OVERALL
Heikapua Sabarsah, Pualani Horiushi, Heitiare Komatsu (Ra’atira pupu) – Ishikawa, Japan

BREAK: 6:00 – 6:30 pm

6:30 pm TIARE HEIPUA – Hura Ava Tau (Jr) – AHUPUROTU
Heikapua Sabarsah, Pualani Horiushi, Heitiare Komatsu (Ra’atira pupu) – Ishikawa, Japan

7:00 pm MARAMA HAU NUI – Hura Ava Tau (Jr) – APARIMA
Masako Ishibashi (Ra’atira pupu) – Kamakura, Japan

7:30 pm TE VAI URA NUI – Tupuna – AHUPUROTU
Charles Temanaha (Ra’atira pupu) – Honolulu, HI

8:00 pm TE VAI URA NUI – Hura Tau (Sr) – AHUPUROTU
Charles Temanaha (Ra’atira pupu) – Honolulu, HI

8:30 pm TAMATOA – Hura Ava Tau (Jr) – OVERALL
Tino Moe (Ra’atira pupu) – Kaneohe, HI


8:30 am Gate and Booths open to the Public

9:00 am Greetings & Welcome
Pure (Blessing) by invitation
Acknowledgement of the VIPs, Emcees, & Judges

(Tahitian printed pareu for the Vahine & Tihere for the Tane)


Kapuahau’oli Arai and Kazue “PuaUra” Nishida (Ra’atira pupu) Hyogo, Japan

11:00 am HERE TAMA NUI – Hura Tau (Sr) – AHUPUROTU
Allen Ramento and Christopher Ramento (Ra’atira pupu) Honolulu, HI

11:30 am MAOHI NUI – Hura Tau (Sr) – DRUMMING
Mervyn Lilo (Ra’atira pupu) – Aiea, HI

12:00 pm TE MANA O TE RA – Tupuna– AHUPUROTU
Lisa & Ray Aguilar (Ra’atira pupu) – Walnut Creek, CA

12:30 pm TE MANA O TE RA – Hura Tau (Sr) – AHUPUROTU
Lisa & Ray Aguilar (Ra’atira pupu) – Walnut Creek, CA

1:00 pm HERE TAMA NUI – Hura Tau (Sr) – DRUMMING
Allen Ramento and Christopher Ramento (Ra’atira pupu) Honolulu, HI

BREAK: 1:30 – 2:30 pm


3:30 pm IA ORA O TAHITI NUI – Hura Tau (Sr) – DRUMMING
Kevin and Aulii Kama (Ra’atira pupu) – Waipi’o, HI

JonRaymond & Tiani Mariteragi (Ra’atira pupu) – Laie, HI

BREAK: 4:30 – 5:30 pm

5:30 pm OTE’A KIA MANA – Hura Tau (Sr) – OVERALL
Dennis Kia, Robyn Williams, Kapeka Hoffmann, Hauoli Kia-Napaepae (Ra’atira pupu) – Mililani, HI

6:30 pm HERE TAMA NUI – Hura Tau (Sr) – OVERALL
Allen Ramento and Christopher Ramento (Ra’atira pupu) Honolulu, HI

7:30 pm NONOSINA HAWAII – Hura Tau (Sr) – OVERALL
JonRaymond & Tiani Mariteragi (Ra’atira pupu) – Laie, HI

8:30 pm IA ORA O TAHITI NUI – Hura Tau (Sr) OVERALL
Kevin and Aulii Kama (Ra’atira pupu) – Waipi’o, HI


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tamarii Tahiti Fete

The Tamarii Tahiti Fete has updated their website for the upcoming March 27, 2010 event in Orlando, Florida. The fifth annual event will be held at the Oak Ridge High School Gymnasium. Featured on the site is last years' overall junior soloist Cheyenne Romanillos.

Rules/regulations, vendor forms and applications are now available online for download. For more information, contact event organizers Evelyn Oloa and Isitolo Oloa or visit their official event website.

New Look, New Year

What's in store for this year? Well, this is the first update that you'll see at Black Pearl Designs in the new year. We're moving things along to a point where we think it will be even more useful in the Tahitian dance community.

The design is a step forward in the web 2.0 era. Along with our Twitter account (we try to tweet at least once a week), Facebook fan page, and designers blog, we've tried to bring the important news about each event.

We're committed to the culture and dance. Feel free to comment, give us a tip, or ask questions. We're more than happy to spread the news to our readers. Keep checking, subscribe and follow us for the latest info and news. Mauruuru.

Heiva i Honolulu expands-adds 4th day!

With the amount of groups participating in this years' Heiva i Honolulu exceeding capacity, the event has announced the addition of a fourth day to its schedule. The event will start on Wednesday, March 17th and run to Saturday, the 20th. Soloists will compete on the first day and groups will compete the following three days.

This is a full schedule with a balanced mix of groups. There are multiple groups competing in each event so there isn't anything that can be taken for granted. Competition is heating up. Many of last years 1st place groups and dancers are coming back to defend their titles and many groups that haven't competed for years are back to challenge.

The schedule is tight so group practice time on stage is limited. However, a large practice area in the adjoining Kapiolani Park is reserved for dance groups throughout the event and the Kapiolani bandstand. The large structure can house most any group and may be used. It's first come first served as a public open air venue.

Applications and rules/regulations are available online but will be updated shortly with additional information regarding the additional day. Check back soon.

Workshops are being planned for Sunday, March 21 so the Spring Break week is full of activity. Details to be announced shortly. And Polynesian handicraft vendors will be showing their unique offerings, many of which are not available in stores.

Heiva i Honolulu
is produced by Tahiti Nui International and takes place annually at the Waikiki Shell in Honolulu, Hawaii. The event will run March 17-20, 2010. General Admission tickets are available at the Blaisdell box office, online and other ticket outlets to be announced shortly.

Sponsors for the event include Aloha Hula Supply, Polynesian Cultural Center, Black Pearl Designs, Wahine Toa Designs, Tihati Productions, City & County of Honolulu, Cabana Vacation Suites and Tahiti Imports. Additional Sponsors to be announced shortly.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Heiva i Waimea coming in May

A letter from Manutahi Tahiti

Ia orana and Aloha!

We're excited to announce  our 4th annual MANUTAHI Solo Competition, which will again be hosted by Waimea Valley on the North Shore of Oahu. This is an all day event to be held on May 1, 2010; which is known as Lei Day in Hawaii. We will have our solo competition for ages 5-25, Miss Heiva Pageant and an exhibition for our cute and adorable age group of 4 and below. We are extremely excited to be able to once again share the Tahitian culture with locals and tourists alike. Attached is our Pupu Ori information packet, which entails the guidelines, registration forms, and our hold harmless agreement.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, concerns, or inquiries. 

I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you. Let's keep the spirit of the islands alive by promoting our love of Polynesian culture worldwide.

Mahalo and Mauruuru!
Tess Camanse DeCorte