Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fall Workshop series by Les Grands Ballets de Tahiti

A new series of workshops with Les Grands Ballets de Tahiti is going to be hosted by Hui Tama Nui held in San Francisco (it is their first time having a workshop in San Francisco).  The workshops will be held on Friday and Saturday, October 29-30, 2010 for Basic Ori, Tamari'i, Ahuroa and Aparima, The History of Ori, Tahito to Ori Rau, Advanced Ori, and Ori Tane.

Some interesting things about the workshops is that they are offering for the first time a Tahito to Ori Rau (ancient to contemporary style of Tahitian dance class), and a lecture on the history of Ori and Tahiti. It will also be one of the first times Grands Ballets will be offering children's classes.

The series are to be held in the Presidio in San Francisco, with a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge, and not too far from Pier 39 and Fishermen's Wharf.

General Information:
$90 for each class if purchased by 10pm 10/21/10. Pre-Registration includes: reserved spot, lyrics, music, autographed certificate, complimentary photo, and a special gift from Boutiki. $10 discount for each additional class. $100 each class at the door.

As always, space will be limited. Interested participants should email: , or call (707) 552-7829 to register or have questions.

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