Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hura Tahiti results

The 2009 Hura Tahiti Tahitian dance competition just took place this past weekend. Dance groups and soloists came from the greater California area and competed at the Hope International University in Fullerton, CA. The Southern California event is produced by Alex Tekurio.

Evelyn Bustamante of Da Island Way and Glenn Salonga of Manuia Polynesia were awarded overall vahine and tane soloists, respectively. And the dance group Manuia Polynesia, led by Tommy Tualaulelei, of San Francisco was named the overall group.

Competing groups included Da Island Way, Heali'is Polynesian Revue, Hui Tama Nui, Kaleo O'Nalani, Kawailehua Hula Ohana, Le Polynesia, Lei Isa, Manea Dancers, Manuia Polynesia, Mata'i Rea, Nemenzo, Nonosina, Puahi's Polynesian Dancers, Te Mana O Te Ra, Te Pura O Te Rahura'a, Varua Hae, and several independent dancers.

In addition to being the event producer and leading ra'atira of his own dance group, Hitia O Te Ra, Alex Tekurio is also taking a group to this years Heiva i Tahiti next month. The event is the original Tahitian dance competition that takes place annually in Papeete, Tahiti at Place To'ata.

Here are the results for the 2009 Hura Tahiti:

Soloist Awards

Age 5-7 Tamahine
1. Hope Fiaseu of Nonosina
2. Melia Timo of Nonosina
3. Kealani Rivera of Nonosina

Age 5-7 Tamaroa
1. Kobe Keoni Johnson-Dulay of Nemenzo
2. David Cordy - Independent
3. Dean Serrano of Lei Isa

Age 8-10 Tamahine
1. Lorie Pamatmat of Da Island Way
2. Fiona O'Neil of Te Pura O Te Rahura'a
3. Leilani Sabit of Te Pura O Te Rahura'a

Age 8-10 Tamaroa
1. Arik Gaoay of Nonosina
2. Yuaki Goto of Heali'is Polynesian Revue
3. Joshua Bennett of Nonosina

Age 11-13 Vahine
1. Juliet Basnett - Independent
2. Melanie-Marie Amen of Mata'i Rea
3. Sammy McClymonds - Independent

Age 14-17 Vahine
1. Tabitha Tabbert of Lei Isa
2. Stephanie Efnor of Nonosina
3. Tessalonia Ambrose of Hui Tama Nui

Age 14-17 Tane
1. JB Almogela of Kawailehua Hula Ohana
2. Anthony Petersen of Nemenzo
3. Jerrod Meneses of Manuia Polynesia

Age 18-21 Vahine
1. Jena Doiron of Heali'is Polynesian Revue
2. Fa'anofo Laupepa of Nonosina
3. Christina Wood of Nemenzo

Age 18-21 Tane
1. Jordan Lilii of Nonosina
2. Ryan Samn of Nemenzo
3. Scott Arpen of Varua Hae

Age 22-25 Vahine
1. Heali'i O Nalani Stanley of Heali'is Polynesian Revue
2. Shanna Pineda of Te Pura O Te Rahura'a
3. Lizzy Gutierrez of Manea Dancers

Age 22-25 Tane
1. Glenn Salonga of Manuia Polynesia
2. Sonny Shwe of Nemenzo
3. John Depala of Varua Hae

Age 26-30 Vahine
1. Evlyn Bustamante of Da Island Way
2. Colie Amen of Mata'i Rea
3. Desiree Woodward-Lee of Nemenzo

Age 31-35 Vahine
1. Saua Case of Lei Isa
2. Maok Sako of Le Polynesia
3. Tania Riss of Manuia Polynesia

Age 31-35 Tane
1. Dean Silvestre of Lei Isa

Age 36+ Vahine
1. Sheila Keikilani of Le Polynesia
2. Leandra Thompson of Nemenzo
3. Michelle Swanson of Puahi's Polynesian Dancers

Overall Vahine
Evlyn Bustamante of Da Island Way

Overall Tane
Glenn Salonga of Manuia Polynesia

Group Awards

1. Nemenzo
2. Manuia Polynesia
3. Le Polynesia

1. Manuia Polynesia
2. Nemenzo
3. Le Polynesia

Le Polynesia

Best Ra'atira
Le Polynesia

Best Costume
Manuia Polynesia

Overall Group
Manuia Polynesia

1. Te Mana O Te Ra
2. Manuia Polynesia
3. Te Pura O Te Rahura'a

1. Nemenzo
2. Le Polynesia
3. Manuia Polynesia

1. Te Mana O Te Ra
2. Manuia Polynesia
3. Te Pura O Te Rahura'a

Tamari'i Ote'a
1. Le Polynesia
2. Manuia Polynesia

Tamari'i Aparima
1. Le Polynesia

Tamari'i Ahupurotu
1. Le Polynesia
2. Kaleo O'Nalani

Friday, June 12, 2009

Tahitian dance boot camp

It’s time to kick the cookies to the curb and sign up for Mehetia Production’s 14-day Tahitian Dance Boot Camp, which uses fast-paced, high-energy Tahitian dance moves to shake you into serious shape...

But be forewarned: this boot camp isn’t the wimpy, air-conditioned version you see at the gym. Held at Kualoa Beach Park, and led by professional Polynesian hula dancer and choreographer Charelle Silva, these sessions include four hours a day of intense, heart-pounding, hip-gyrating, sweat-inducing workouts.

More of the story at Lei Chic

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Kona Heiva postponed to 2010

According to the Kona Heiva website, due to funding issues, the Kona Heiva will be postponed to August 2010. Originally scheduled for August 2009, the event was to be the first annual event for the Kona area. Interested parties should contact Carol Casil for information.