Friday, June 12, 2009

Tahitian dance boot camp

It’s time to kick the cookies to the curb and sign up for Mehetia Production’s 14-day Tahitian Dance Boot Camp, which uses fast-paced, high-energy Tahitian dance moves to shake you into serious shape...

But be forewarned: this boot camp isn’t the wimpy, air-conditioned version you see at the gym. Held at Kualoa Beach Park, and led by professional Polynesian hula dancer and choreographer Charelle Silva, these sessions include four hours a day of intense, heart-pounding, hip-gyrating, sweat-inducing workouts.

More of the story at Lei Chic

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Scott said...

Here's the link to the video interview with Charelle and Ola at KGMB Morning Show

Mehetia Productions - KGMB interview