Saturday, December 18, 2010

Heiva-Tahitian Dance 2011 Calendar

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, we're set to release our first calendar offering featuring the Heiva-Tahitian Dance competitions that happen throughout the year.  With so many events happening we felt it necessary to try and keep everyone up to date as much as possible. This is another great tool that will help.

On the front features an image that creates a feeling of the vibrancy and energy that Tahitian dance is. A line by line listing of each event, date and city is a quick reference. An added touch of having the months in the Tahitian language is included.

On the back you'll find a more detailed look at the events including the venue, producer, contact information for the event and website.

We try to keep up with as much as we can for the events and update when they send information, photos, posters, etc. But with all that, we do get many requests to have something printed as well. Having it in hand now, is a first step in making a more comprehensive picture of how the Tahitian dance community runs events.

One drawback in making a printed version is the likelihood that there will be changes. Please note that there are bound to be changes as the year progresses. In fact, after we went to press, we received notice of 2 newly scheduled events that we were not expecting to happen. You'll see that we added them via a sticker.

Information that we provide is a service only. We do not endorse any event over another. We have attended to several events and even sponsored some. We'd like to see events continue to improve. If you'd like, we've even opened up a forum on our Facebook page that addresses just that. Check it out and leave your suggestions. We'd love to hear from you.

In the meantime, we'll be releasing the calendar soon. Staring January 1, when you purchase $50 or more from our site you'll get you your free copy until supplies last. You can also purchase for $3 (includes first class USPS shipping) starting in January.

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