Wednesday, July 07, 2010

128th Heiva I Tahiti - Te Anuanua

The theme of this years' Heiva I Tahiti is - Te Anuanua - The rainbow, the bridge between men and the gods, between heaven and earth. The 128th annual event encompasses both cultural and sporting events throughout French Polynesia. It serves to bring together the islands and its people through song, dance and sport.

Last week marked a cultural and symbolic beginning of the month long festival. Award-winning group O Tahiti E, led by raatira Marguerite Lai, presented a pageant entitled "Vaka Arioi" which reenacted the role that the arioi played in ancient Tahiti. In ancient times the arioi entertained the arii (royalty).

Tomorrow evening, the reigning Heiva Nui awarding-winning group Hei Tahiti, under the direction of Tiare Trompette, will be featured in a program honoring the late Henri Hiro, a noted poet, teacher, filmmaker, pastor, and activist and the founder of l'Office Territorial d'Action Culturelle.

In contrast to last years' dance competition, just one group, Hitireva (Kehaulani Chanquy) will be performing in the Heiva Nui division. The group was last years' Heiva division winner and as such was moved up into the Heiva Nui division. The main division to watch this year will be the Heiva division. Participating groups include: HURA TAHITI NUI, NOHOARII (Xavier Nonoh), TOAKURA (Mateata Legayic), MANAHAU (Jean-Marie BIRET), AVAI'URA NO HUAHINE (Leila Darles-Lai), TOROMIKI AUOROTINI NO RIKITEA (Dany Paheo), and FARE IHI NO HUAHINE (Paul Tehare).

Here is the tentative program for the dance and song competition taking place at Place Toata. Activities will be running from July 5-23 with awards being announced on July 22.

More information at the Heiva Nui event website may be available. The July 2010 edition of Hiroa also has more information and may be downloaded at the publication website as a pdf file. The document is in French.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Friday, July 9, 2010
19.00 - Dance: Category HEIVA: HURA TAHITI NUI

20:00 - Songs: tarava Tahiti tamarii Matai

20:30 - Songs: tarava Raromatai: NO FANATICS tamarii AABF

21.00 - Dance: Category HEIVA NUI: HITIREVA

Saturday, July 10, 2010
19.00 - Dance: Category HEIVA: NOHOARII

20.00 - Songs: tarava Tahiti Nui VAIARII

20.30 - Songs: tarava Raromatai: VAIHOATAUA

21h00-Dances: Category HEIVA: TOAKURA

Friday, July 16, 2010
19.00 - Dance: Category HEIVA FARE IHI NO HUAHINE

20:00 - Songs: tarava Tahiti tamarii TEAHUPOO

20.30 - Dance: 21:30 - songs: tarava Raromatai: Ateh

22.00 - Dance: Category HEIVA: MANAHAU

Saturday, July 17, 2010
19:00 - Songs: tarava Tahiti tamarii PAPARA

19:30 - Dance HEIVA Category: TAVAI'URA NO HUAHINE

20:30 - Songs: tarava Tahiti: Ass. Tamarii NO Papeari

21:00 - Songs: tarava Raromatai FARE IHI NO HUAHINE

21.30 - Dance: Category HEIVA: TOROMIKI AUOROTINI NO Rikitea

Thursday, July 22, 2010
Friday, July 23, 2010


Isaac said...

Hello! I arrive in Papeete (as a tourist from New Zealand) in the morning on Friday 23 July - I understand this is the 'night of the winners' of the Heiva Festival. Can the public attend this event? If so, what is the cost in XPF please and the location and details of the event please?

Scott said...

All event are open to the public.

Centrale - Adult: 3000 XPF per child (2-11 years): 2000 XPF
Virage - Adult: 2000 XPF per child (2-11 years): 1000 XPF
Latérale: Adult: 1500 XPF per child (2-11 years): 500 Fcfp / Culture Pass: 1000 XPF
For People with reduced mobility
(PMR) in a wheelchair attendant +:
1500 XPF