Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Te Hura Nui Festival starts in Tahiti

(Tahitipresse) - The Mini Heiva, which gathers the best dance groups, at the Intercontinental hotel in Tahiti, ended last week-end but another dance festival, Te Hura Nui, started Friday at Le Méridien hotel, in Tahiti's west coast Commune of Punaauia.

Heiva I Tahiti 2006 winner Tamariki Oparo performed for the opening show.

Tamariki Oparo offered quite spectacular and unique dances from Rapa, the southernmost island of French Polynesia. The show entitled "Puku Tangi" (The weeping mountain) tells the story of fierce battles between two tribes.

After the traditional Heiva I Tahiti dance contest in July, and the Mini Heiva at the Intercontinental, the best dance groups, such as Hei Tahiti or Nonahere, will perform until September 2 at Le Méridien both for tourists and a local audience.

Nonahere group leader Matani Kainuku announced that the group will soon tour the Cook Islands and Hawaii in March 2007.

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