Saturday, December 16, 2006

Tahiti Nui International shifting location to Tahiti

In a move that has been rumored for awhile, the Tahiti Nui International organization has announced via their website that instead of holding the annual Heiva in Waikiki, that 2007's scheduled event will occur in Tahiti. Heiva i Honolulu is not on the schedule for 2007. Little details are available, but the website promised to be updated soon with additional details and information.

Just a month ago, the website was not promoting any Tahitian event at all. It looked to have been taken over by hackers, but it is back up and running, albeit with minimal information.

The Heiva i Tahiti that occurs in Tahiti during the month of July is the largest Tahitian cultural event in the world. It hosts dancing, drumming, sport, music and a number of other competitions, exhibits, and events. However, one entry requirement requires entrants to be French Polynesian or living in French Polynesia. Outside groups have not been able to participate. This new event in Tahiti looks to be a way that groups from the USA and other foreign countries such as Japan will be able to participate in a competitive event in Tahiti.

The new event is scheduled for August 13-18, 2007.

More on this as information becomes available.

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