Monday, January 08, 2007

Tahitian Dance Resources

By guest writer Christian Wilson

There are many Tahitian dance resources that you can now find on the web.

In past, it was very difficult to find an expert on Tahitian dancing
and culture since most of the group leaders live in Tahiti and only
speak Tahitian or French. With the help of the internet and the
resources listed in, it is much easier to get
information about upcoming Tahitian festivals, workshops, groups,
costumes without having to travel to Tahiti. Many Tahitians live in
Hawaii or on the US mainland and speak English. Many have taught and
judged major Tahitian competitions and have contacts with the Tahitian
government and cultural experts.

Although Tahitian dance competitions (Heiva Tahiti) have been held in
French Polynesia for over 120 years, it has only been since the
arrival of the Hookulea in 1976 that has brought about a renaissance
of Tahitian culture, music, dance, language, tattooing and the arts.
Every year, interest in Tahitian culture continues to expand within
and outside of Tahiti, noteably in Japan, the Hawaiian Islands (Kauai,
Oahu, Maui and the Big Island‚ as well as the US mainland, Mexico,
Canada and Europe.

It is hoped that this resurgence of interest in traditional Tahitian
culture will provide locals the resources they need to help them
return to their former way of life as it once was before the arrival
of Western Civilization which brought overwhelming change to the
native cultures.

Here are some resources on the internet that may be of use:

Google Video - Tahitian Dance

YouTube - Tahitian Dance

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