Thursday, May 31, 2007

Heiva - Tahiti Fete Updates

Heiva for later this year and 2008 are shaping up. The Fete in Orlando, Florida - Tamarii Tahiti Fete has updated their website and announced the 2008 event date. Reserve April 2, 2008. The event is expanding to include all ages. What better excuse to hit Walt Disney World than to take your group to the event. Contact Evelyn or Isitolo Oloa for more information. They have also updated their gallery and added 2008 entry forms.

Back over in Hawaii, the Manutahi Tahiti event has moved location to Maui. More details to be announced shortly.

The next Heiva this year will be at Cerritos, California – The Hura Tahiti Tahitian Dance Competition. The event will take place July 13-14. The Tahitian dance workshop features Roiti Tahauri Sylva and Coco Hotahota, grand master of Tahitian dance. Drumming workshops feature Alex Tekurio. See their website for more details.

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