Saturday, July 28, 2007

Heiva I Tahiti 2007 results

This years competition came to a close this past Thursday at Place To'ata in Papeete. Among the spectators were French Polynesia President Gaston Tong and many government officials. A special tribute to past artisans of Tahitian dance and music and founders of the annual event was orchestrated by some of today's prominent dance instructors.

The Complete results of the songs and dances of Heiva I Tahiti 2007:

Song Categories

Himene ruau:
1st place - Tamarii Tipaerui
2nd place - Tomite Tiona No Pueu
3rd place - Tamariki Oparo

Ute paripari:
1st place - Te Ui no Pare Nui

Tarava Tuhaa Pae:
1st place - Tamariki Oparo
2nd place - Autimatea
3rd place - Tamarii Tumuhau Avera-Rurutu

Tarava Raromatai:
1st place - Te Ui no Pare Nui
2nd place - Tamarii Tipaerui
3rd place - O Faa' a

Tarava Tahiti:
1st place - Tamarii Mataiea
2nd place - Tamarii Papara
3rd place - You Ui Api No Arue

Dance categories

Ute arearea:
1st place - Te Ui no Pare Nui

Best Raatira Tiatia:
Heremoana Maamaatuaiahutapu of the group Toa Reva

Best author and composer :
Valerie Gobrait (author of the topic of the groups Hitireva and Nohoarii)

Best dancer:
Tavaitoa Kinnander-Tehaatai of Hitireva

Best dancer:
Tuahiti Vernaudon of Hitireva

Best orchestra inheritance and creation:
Heikura Nui

Best vegetable costume:
Te Ui no Pare Nui

Best traditional costume:
Heikura Nui

Special award:
The Temarama association, whose goal is to initiate the young people of the districts to the culture, and who entered at Heiva I Tahiti for the 16th consecutive time

Category "Creation" dances:
1st place - Nonahere
2nd place - Toa Reva

Category "Inheritance" dances:
1st place - Heikura Nui
2nd place - Tamarii Tumuhau Avera-Rurutu
3rd place - Tamarii Tipaerui
4th place - Teva I Tai
5th place - Hitireva

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