Thursday, November 22, 2007

Tahitian Dance calendar update

The year 2007 has showed tremendous growth in the Tahitian dance. Competition events are growing not only in numbers but also in strength and competitors. Coordination is continually improving and eventually we hope to see a world competition. Dancer quality and creativity is also always improving.

This year saw 12 major competition events and 2008 will see at least that many. More than half have confirmed dates and/or locations. Confirmed events will take place in Hawaii, California, Nevada, Utah, Florida, Tahiti and Japan. Many young dance groups who have not competed in the major events are maturing and planning to participate in the near future.

As all this activity is continually growing we are working to make as much of that information available. Here is an updated calendar of Tahitian dance events. Check our website or blog for updates and as always, check the official event websites for more details if available.

March 13-15, 2008
Heiva i Honolulu Honolulu, HI

March 14-16, 2008
Merced Kiki Raina Tahiti Fete Merced, CA

March 29, 2008
Tamari'i Tahiti Fete Orlando, FL

May 22-25, 2008
Kauai Polynesian Festival Lihue, HI

May 24-25, 2008
Tahiti Taurua Nui i Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV

July 4-7, 2008
Tahiti Fete of San Jose San Jose, CA

July 25-26, 2008
Hura Tahiti Cerritos, CA

July 2008
Te Mahana Hiro'a o Tahiti Laie, HI

July 2008
Fano Maohi Salt Lake City, UT

July 2008
Heiva i Tahiti Papeete, Tahiti

July 2008
Heiva International i Tahiti Papeete, Tahiti

August 2-3, 2008
Heiva i Kauai Kapaa, HI

August 30-31, 2008
Tahiti Heiva - Japan Tokyo, Japan

August 31, 2008
Heiva i Japan Tokyo, Japan

August 2008
Heiva i Reno Reno, NV

August 2008
Heiva i Maui Wailuku, HI

September 2008
Tarena Tahiti Daly City, CA

September 2008
Pacific Islander Festival San Diego, CA

October 2008
Tahiti Fete of Hilo Hilo, HI

October 2008
Tahiti Fete of Utah West Valley City, UT

Manutahi Tahiti Honolulu, HI

All dates and locations are subject to change according to each individual event director.

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