Thursday, April 03, 2008

Manutahi Orlando impresses at Tamari'i Tahiti Fete

This past weekend saw the Tamari'i Tahiti Fete of Orlando take center stage in the Tahitian dance community. Family, competitors and guests gathered at Oak Ridge High School Gymnasium to watch this growing solo competition.

Tamari'i Tahiti Fete of Orlando saw an impressive showing from Manutahi Orlando. The group is a branch of the main group based on Oahu in Hawaii headed by Pola Teriipaia. Locally it is headed by Mahea Apo.

The competition was opened up to all ages this year. Visit the official website for more details and information about the event.

2008 Solo Ori Winners
Ages 3-5
1. Leilani Swider of Manutahi Orlando
2. Laniloa Mau'ia of Manutahi Orlando
3. Alyssa Murpy of Halau 'O Manulani

Ages 6-8
1. Elaina Nevarez of Na Opiopio I Orlando
2. Amya Diaz of Halau 'O Manulani

Ages 9-12
1. Natalie Oloa, Independent
2. Cheyenne Sky Romanillos, Independent
3. Melinda Nevarez of Na Opiopio I Orlando

Ages 13-16
1. Chiana Jim of Manutahi Orlando
2. Marshae Bray Mamea of Siva 'A Manu
3. Giovanni Brown of Manutahi Orlando

Ages 17-22
1. Grace Cabusi of Manutahi Orlando
2. Marlena Samuels of Siva 'A Manu
3. Tasi Galeai of Touch of Paradise

Ages 23 and up
1. Celena Kaleonahenahe Faronda of Halau Kahealani

1. Tony Paialii of Touch of Paradise

Samoan Category
1. Priscilla Tauti of Halau Kahealani


2008 Special Awards
Overall Junior Soloist
Elaina Nevarez of Na Opiopio I Orlando

Overall Senior Soloist
Tony Paialii of Touch of Paradise

Best Costume
Tiane Maluhia Kong of Manutahi Orlando

Overall Perpetual Group
Manutahi Orlando (Mahea Apo)

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