Thursday, July 10, 2008

Heiva i Tahiti features Marquesan Arts

From the opening kava ceremony, Marquesan pahu drums welcomed audiences to this years Heiva i Tahiti. Opening ceremonies definitely had a Marquesan presence beginning with Cultural Minister Joseph Kaiha, who is from the northernmost Marquesas Islands. The Place To'ata in downtown Papeete is the location of the 126th Heiva i Tahiti taking place from July 8-18, 2008.

Solo competition began on Tuesday and group competition began Wednesday. As well as dancing, singing groups also competed on Wednesday. Activities will continue throughout the week and close on the 18th with exhibitions from event winners.

Other events including crafting competitions, javelin throwing, stone lifting, coconut tree climbing and canoe racing.

Visit Tahiti Presse for more information.

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