Thursday, September 25, 2008

Open Call - Calling all Tahitian dancers

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is a cultural icon in America and also the unofficial kickoff of the Christmas/Holiday season. Millions of people watch this time honored tradition each year and each year groups from around the country are able to showcase their hometowns, ethnicities and groups.

This year, Manutahi Tahiti, one of Hawaii's leading Tahitian dance groups, led by Ra'atira - Pola Teriipaia, has been invited to perform in the 2009 parade. As much as they'd like to send enough of their dancers, they are looking for more dancers to participate. Dancers from all over Hawaii and as far as Orlando, Florida are participating, so distance isn't necessarily an issue. Fundraising efforts are in full swing, including selling their new 2009 Tahitian dance calendar. Dancers, drummers and musicians interested in participating should contact Pola Teriipaia at (808) 222-4346 or email her for details.

The trip to New York also will involve several performances in and around the Eastern seaboard during the holiday weekend including a performance on the grounds of the White House in Washington DC. It's a great opportunity to showcase the Tahitian dance and culture to a national audience and represent the Tahitian dance community.

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