Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tahiti Fete of San Jose 2009 - Hilo on hold

For those of you not expecting an event in San Jose, California in 2009, you'll be pleasantly surprised on new developments just announced by Pua Tokumoto, producer of the Tahiti Fete of San Jose and Tahiti Fete of Hilo. At the recent Hilo event, she quietly announced that a 2009 San Jose event would indeed happen. This is a change from the biannual schedule of the past few years.

The Tahiti Fete of San Jose will indeed take place over the July 4th weekend again - July 3-5, 2009. Events will again take place at the San Jose State University campus. Ticket information, group accommodations, travel packages and more details will be announced when plans are more finalized.

Pua Tokumoto also just announced that the Tahiti Fete of Hilo will be on hold for the time being. Citing the economic down turn and the inability of groups from the mainland to be able to afford the high cost trip, she regretfully decided to suspend having the event. However, she did have hopes for the event to continue as early as 2010.


pilialohadiva said...

San Jose Tahiti Fete 2009 has been cancelled per Director Pua Takamoto. We will be back next year 2010.

ASCACH said...

Will there be a tahiti Fete this year 2010? Are vendors allowed to have booths there?