Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Te Aranui O Tahiti (Tahitian Festival) & Tarena Tahiti at SFSU

Ia Orana and Greetings,

This year's Tahitian Festival, "Te Aranui O Tahiti" will be held on Sunday, April 19, 2009 at the San Francisco State University Gym.

The weekend will also host the Tarena Tahiti 2010 (Tahitian Calendar) event on Saturday, April 18, 2009. It will be fun-filled weekend full of festivities, seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Activities will take place indoors as well as outdoors, on the courtyard and lawn with Polynesian artisans showcasing their unique and beautiful crafts.

TE ARANUI O TAHITI (Route to Tahiti)-
This is the 3rd year for Te Aranui and for those not familiar with the event it is a day full of group exhibitions (not a competition). Each blocked presention features a minimum of 2 groups each with a 30-minute program. It is also an incentive fundraiser for groups (directors of each group will receive the details). This unique event allows the audience to view and select the group of their choice rather than buying a ticket for the entire day. Specific entry/tickets will be alloted for the blocked presentations for a $10 general admission fee. Consider it as if you were watching a movie and you decide which one you want to view. After each presentation, the gym will be cleared and preparation will be in order for the next program. The only criteria is for the entire program to be Tahitian dance and music.

TARENA TAHITI (Tahitian Calendar)
Tarena Tahiti is the Tahitian Calendar. It is a costume and solo dance competition. This year it will take place on Saturday, April 18th at the San Francisco State University Gym. Details can be viewed at and any inquiries can be directed to Updated forms will be posted soon for 2010 calendar along with rules and instructions.

Event schedule and program will be posted/sent for those interested in participating in group exhibition and solo dance/costume competition. We invite you/group to be a participant if not watch and enjoy the many talents who share the beauty and intrigue of the Tahitian culture.

Mauruuru roa,
Elizabeth Bertumen, Producer

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