Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tarena Tahiti summary

A letter from Elizabeth Nemenzo Bertumen,
producer of Tarena Tahiti

This year’s Tarena Tahiti 2010 Costume and Solo Competition held at San Francisco State University Gym had a buzz of excitement with entries from 13 groups. The pageantry of the Parade of Costumes varied from simple dramatic designs to elaborate intricate masterpieces, all made of natural materials. Entries were as young as 6 yrs to adult. The Ori Tahiti (Solo) portion energized the entire event.

The collaboration of Nemenzo and Tamari’i Mata’irea as Tarena house drummers provided the soloists a variety of beats to dance to. Judging was not an easy feat. This responsibility fell on our 3 judges; Roiti Sylva, dance master and Tahitian cultural advisor, Remy Tekurio director of Tekurio Nui and Tiana Liufau, director of Nonosina of Anaheim, California.

Complimenting the festivities were local artisans and vendors from Las Vegas and Hawaii. The Tane and Vahine Overall Winners, Anthony Santa-Iglesia of Manuia Polyneisa and Colie Amen of Tamari’i Mata’irea won roundtrip tickets to Honolulu, Hawaii to enter representing Tarena Tahiti, San Francisco at the first Tarena Tahiti 2011, Honolulu next year, earmarked in August 2010. It would not of been complete without the talents and participation from the following groups:

Hui Tama Nui of Vallejo, California
Makamae Melia ‘O Polynesia of Sacramento, California
Hui O Hawaii of Sacramento, California
Merahi O Tehani of Union City, California
Varua Hae of Bellflower, California
Nemenzo of San Francisco/Daly City, California
Manuia Polynesia of Daly City, California
Anapa Nui of Lodi, California
Tamarii Mata’irea of Stockton, California
Te Oraroa Otea of Hayward, California
Tiare O Te Ao of Hercules, California
Tamalii of Hayward, California
Kawailehua Hula Ohana of Milpitas, California

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