Sunday, May 31, 2009

Heiva i Tahiti 2009

Heiva i Tahiti 2009 is quickly coming up on the Tahitian dance calendar. Event preparations are well under way and a tentative schedule has also been released. The Heiva Nui organization is producing this years events and is led by Julien Mai. On Friday, July 10, the opening ceremony will take place at Place To'ata. Competition will continue on Saturday the 11th, Monday, and Wednesday through Saturday, July 18th.

This year will see a return of familiar groups including Temaeva (Fabien Dinard and Coco Hotahota), Tamariki Oparo (Pierrot Faraire), O Tahiti E (Marguerite Lai) and Tamariki Poerani (Makau Foster), and Hei Tahiti (Tiare Trompette).

Activities were recently announced by newly appointed Minister of Culture, Jean-Marius Raapoto.

This year will also feature a competition where international dance groups from the US and Japan will also compete - Te Fareireiraa. The competition will take place from Monday July 20-Wednesday July 22 at Place To'ata.

Awards ceremonies will take place on Thursday July 23. Encore winning performances will take place on Friday and Saturday.

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