Friday, July 24, 2009

Heiva i Tahiti 2009 results

This years Heiva i Tahiti event was extremely competitive with both new groups and award winning veterans returning to compete. In the end, it was one of the more younger groups that prevailed. Hei Tahiti, an innovative and award winning dance group led by Tiare Trompette was crowned Heiva Nui Grand Prize. Established in 2005, the group has not competed in the event since 2006 when it was awarded the Junior Grand Prize. In addition, Hei Tahiti also was awarded Best Costume, Best Music (Heritage) and Best Solo Tane (Daniel Faatauira).

Tamariki Oparo, led by Pierrot Faraire came in second and O Tahiti E, led by Marguerite Lai rounded out the top three. Both groups have been consistent award winners and are world renown for their dramatic and creative Tahitian dance performances.

The prestigious title of Best Solo Vahine went to Manihiki Poroi of Kei Tawhiti.

In the Junior or amateur division, Hitireva claimed 1st place.

Preliminary results of the 2009 Heiva i Tahiti:

Heiva Nui - Madeleine Moua - Division
1. Hei Tahiti
(Tiare Trompette)
2. Tamariki Oparo (
Pierrot Faraire)
3. O Tahiti E (
Marguerite Lai)

Heiva - Claire Leverd - Division
1. Hitireva (Kelaulani Chanquy)

Best Solo Tane
Daniel Faatauira of Hei Tahiti

Best Solo Vahine
Manihiki Poroi of Kei Tawhiti

Best Vegetal Costume
Tamariki Poerani (Makau Foster)

Best Costume
Hei Tahiti (Tiare Trompette)

Tarava Raromatai
Association Vaihoataua

Best Music - Heritage
Hei Tahiti (Tiare Trompette)

Best Music - Creation
Heikura Nui (Iriti Hoto)

Best Himene Ruau
Association Vaihoataua

Best Song Author
Tamarii Matai

Best Vahine Aparima
Tamariki Poerani (Makau Foster)

Best Tane Aparima
O Tahiti E (Marguerite Lai)

Best Vahine Otea
Tamariki Poerani (Makau Foster)

Best Tane Otea
Hitireva (Kelaulani Chanquy)

Best Paoa
Te Maeva (Coco Hotahota)

Best Hivinau
Kei Tawhiti (Maire Tuia)

Best Ute Arearea
Tamariki Poerani (Makau Foster)

More information and coverage at La Depeche de Tahiti

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Celeste Brash said...

Hi Scott great blog! I'm in Tahiti and got to see Hei Tahiti during the Heiva and Tamariki Oparo at a hotel in Moorea last weekend. For anyone who missed the Heiva all the winning groups are performing at the Hotel Meridien in Papeete through September 4th. Check out my blog for my experiences at the Heiva and watching Tamariki Oparo.