Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Results for the 2007 Heiva I Japan

The 2nd Annual Heiva I Japan took place this past weekend featuring groups from throughout Japan. Event organizers Kenzo Tanaka and Ayumi Sugiyama of Treasure Island Corporation along with Rose Perreira of Tahiti Nui International brought together an event that is quickly becoming a premier Tahitian heiva. Word of mouth and a growing interest of Tahitian dance in Japan have contributed to the success of the event. The success has prompted more plans for next years event.

Treasure Island Corporation also produces a number of other high profile events promoting the hula including the King Kamehameha Hula Competition (Japan), the Makana Aloha Festival, the Maui Festival and the Queen Liliuokalani Keiki Hula Competition (Japan).

Results of the 2007 competition:

Ori Tahiti (Solo)
Junior Ori (4-12 yrs)
1. Meimi Horiuchi (Tiare Heipua)
2. Tomomi Iguchi (Tokariga/Kalokemelemele Hula Studio)
3. Miyu Mitsuhashi (Tiare Heipua)
4. Shouko Tokuda (Tokariga/Kalokemelemele Hula Studio)

Junior Ori (13-17 yrs)
1. Hanae Ogura (Studio Malama)

Senior Ori (18-28 yrs)
1. Ayumi Asano (Tokariga/Kalokemelemele Hula Studio)
2. Kanako Furuya (Te Pupu 'Ori Mehanaokara)
3. Maki Yoshimoto (Studio Malama)
4. Atsuko Usui (Te Pupu 'Ori Mehanaokara)

Senior Ori (29-39 yrs)
1. Momoko Hoshihara (Te Pupu 'Ori Mehanaokara)
2. Miki Yamada (Te Pupu 'Ori Mehanaokara)
3. Asami Miura (Te Pupu 'Ori Mehanaokara)
4. Ako Kubora (Studio Malama)

Senior Ori Tane (29-39 yrs)
1. Takeshi Miyajima (Studio Malama)

Senior Ori (40 yrs over)
1. (tie) Ku'uleinani Hashimoto (Te Pupu 'Ori Mehanaokara)
1. (tie) Hideko Fukushima (Studio Malama)

Ori Tahiti Overall
Momoko Hoshihara (Te Pupu 'Ori Mehanaokara)

Tupuna Ahupurotu
1. Te Pupu 'Ori Mehanaokara

1. Te Pupu 'Ori Mehanaokara
2. Tiare Heipua

1. Tokariga/Kelokemelemele Hula Studio

Keiki Aparima
1. Tokariga/Kalokemelemele Hula Studio
2. Hula Halau Kahula o Hawaii

1. Te Pupu 'Ori Mehanaokara
2. Tokariga/Kalokemelemele Hula Studio

Participating dance groups:
Hula Halau Kahula o Hawaii
Studio Malama
Te Pupu 'Ori Mehanaokara
Tiare Heipua
Tokariga /Kalokemelemele Hula Studio

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