Friday, August 08, 2008

Kori Kori Tahiti Fete

Thanks to the helpful insight and inquiries of Vanessa Llave we were alerted to a fairly new heiva happening in Las Vegas. The Kori Kori Tahiti Fete is in its first year and takes place from Saturday November 8 to Tuesday November 11, 2008, Veteran's Day weekend, at the Del Sol High School Gymnasium (3100 E. Patrick Lane, Las Vegas, NV 89120). The event is organized by a committee of native Tahitians and Polynesians led by founder Ravahere Allred.

Highlights of the event include the "Miss Pearls of Polynesia" beauty pageant. Ravahere characterizes the contest proceedings similar to other island pageants such as the Miss Hawaii and Miss Tahiti pageants. She further explains that the event is a "fusion of cultures and a celebration of life." To help motivate contestants, she has put together among other things, a video of beauty pageant highlights, inspiration and tips. A group and solo Tahitian dancing competition will also highlight the event. It's a crowd favorite and a "must see" for any Tahitian dance event.

Unique to this event is a formal ball - The Royal Ball which will be held at the Bear's Best Country Club. The evening will celebrate and toast the new Miss Pearls of Polynesia. Reservations are required and seating is limited.

Another unique aspect to this new event is the chance for others other than the judges to vote for their favorite contestant and an opportunity to make a difference in the voting. Each ticket holder will be allowed to vote once.

Last but not least is the announcement that a portion of proceeds will be going to charity. With community service and involvement in mind, this event looks to help enrich and become a valuable memorable activity for all. We're looking forward to seeing the Kori Kori Tahiti Fete.

This event will be the last Tahitian dance competition event of 2008. Look for more information and the latest by visiting their website.

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