Saturday, March 28, 2009

News of the upcoming Tarena Tahiti competition

Letter from Elizabeth Nemenzo Bertumen, Producer of the Tarena Tahiti and Te Aranui O Tahiti events:

IaOrana Tatou,

We invite you to come and enjoy this year’s Tarena Tahiti for the 2010 Tahitian Calendar. The event is a Costume & Solo Ori Tahiti Competition awarding 12 winners representing the months of the year leading to the coveted 1st Place & Cover. Selection for the Overall Tane & Vahine is from the pool of 1st place winners with the highest combined scores from the Parade of Costume and Ori Tahiti. This unique competition is not limited to just top 3 dancers but 12 winners representing the months of the year for the 3 separate categories (calendar editions) Tamari’i (ages 5‐12 yrs), Junior (13‐17 yrs) and Adult (18yrs + up). Entry fee is $35.

Many talented dancers that may otherwise not be acknowledged have the opportunity to be recognized. By the end of the event, there will be a maximum of 12 Tane & 12 Vahine winners for each of the categories: Tamari’i, Junior and Adult. In addition, a special award will be given for Best Tane & Vahine Costume and a final award for the Overall Tane & Vahine Dancer.

The two‐part series of the event determines the ideal Tahitian Soloist. Opening with the Parade of Costumes, dancers set the tone with innovative Tahitian creations from unique , simple designs to bold originals. It is then followed by the Ori Tahiti (dance) portion completing the qualities of a Tahitian soloist.

Tarena Tahiti will be held, Saturday, April 18, 2009 at the San Francisco State University Gym located at 1600 Holloway Street, San Francisco, Ca. General admission is $15. For your convenience, the campus has a multi level structure with ample parking. SFSU is conveniently located within minutes of all the San Francisco attractions and a short distance from the San Francisco Airport. The festivities continue the following day on Sunday, April 19, 2009 with Te Aranui O Tahiti (Tahitian Festival) featuring hourly group exhibitions at the same SFSU location. Interested groups and information on participating groups and their showtimes visit or contact Support and watch the group of your choice with a general admission price of $10.

Tarena Tahiti personifies the ideal Tahitian Dancer, their passion, skill and artistry for the culture. It is a festive event with Polynesian artisans showcasing their crafts on the beautiful grounds of the campus. Dancers from all over will enjoy not only the challenges of the competition but also the other attributes of the event, the artisans, vendors and the people who come to share in the excitement and allure of the Tahitian culture.

Mauruuru roa,
Elizabeth Nemenzo Bertumen, Producer

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