Friday, March 20, 2009

Tau Rima - Crafting Performance at the University of Hawaii

The University of Hawaii's Hamilton Library was host to a reception Thursday evening featuring Tahitian dance crafting - Tau Rima: Crafting Performance. Curator and graduate student Scott G. Bartlett has been researching and working with several Tahitian culture artisans in the community. The colorful exhibit is part of the culmination of his work. The Tahitian dance costumes are striking. Each are thought out and themed to specific dances using natural materials such as lauhala or raufara (pandanus), mother of pearl shell, niau (coconut fibers), and more (wild hibiscus fibers).

Tahitian musical instruments including toere, pahu, fa'ate'ete, ihara, and vivo, adornments, implements and jewelry are included in the exhibit. Carvings such as a beautiful Marquesan U'u club and an ornately carved Tahitian ukulele are also displayed.

In the opening ceremony, Etua Tahauri, a pillar of the Hawaii Tahitian community, accomplished master carver and frequent judge at Tahitian dance competition events, noted that many of the old ways of making the crafts of Tahiti are kept with the older generation. He was grateful to be able to share with the newer generations some of the knowledge in the hopes that they will continue and share the traditions and craft.

Featured artisans in the exhibit include Etua Tahauri (drums, carvings, mother of pearl jewelry), Mafatu Krainer (drums, carvings, mother of pearl jewelry), Charles and Cathy Temanaha (costumes) and Tyron Temanaha (drumming display) of Te Vai Ura Nui, Pola Teriipaia (costumes) of Manutahi Tahiti and Tahia Parker (costumes) of Marania Haoragi. Many others contributed to the exhibit including Rose Perreira, Ia Ora O Tahiti Nui, Roiti Sylva, Here Tama Nui and countless others that Scott was able to interview and gather information.

The Tau Rima exhibit will be open until April 28, 2009 at the 1st floor Bridge Gallery in the Hamilton Library. Admission is free however a $3 parking fee is required unless you have a UH parking pass.

More about this exhibit will be found shortly on our Black Pearl Designs designer blog.

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